A Reaction Paper

A reaction paper is a formal essay that explains your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the required readings. It is not a review of the material. It should be organized as any other formal essay and include an analysis of your reaction and the expectations you had prior to the reading or experience, and a summary of your conclusions. Below is a list of Five Major Competencies (#1 to #5) that contribute to our sense of happiness at work. These are also a set of competencies and skills needed for the modern 21st Century workforce that employers are seeking in current and new employees. These competencies enable our effectiveness in the Social Services field. These competencies also increase our sense of overall wellbeing and happiness in our family and community. Note that each of the 5 categories have 3 to 4 specific sub-categories associated with them. Drawing on your reading of the Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, as well as your independent research on the 5 major categories below and their associated sub-categories, write an original paper as per the outline below focused on the modern Workforce and/or School/College and/or Social Services Field only. Do NOT write about Personal Matters, Family or Community. For EACH of the major categories write 1/3 page on the Main Category and 2/3 page on one or at the most 2 of the sub-categories only. For example: On #1 Character, write 1/3 page on the importance of Character overall in the workforce and then 2/3 of a page on one or two of the sub-categories of Integrity, Ownership, Credibility and Trust in the workforce. The idea is to go into depth of one or two of the sub-categories. References: For EACH of the 5 Categories there should be at minimum three references. One of these should be the Happiness Advantage and at minimum two references from books, journal articles or other research articles or studies per Category. For the entire paper there must be at minimum 11 unique references (one of which will be the Happiness Advantage that you will references for all 5 Categories). Build on the existing knowledge base related to the categories and subcategories and the “Happiness Advantage” text with properly citied APA references. Use the database’s that are available to you such as the UB Online Databases: http://myeureka.bridgeport.edu/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?vid=UBL and Google Scholar https://scholar.google.com Introduction (1/2 Page) Character: Integrity, Ownership, Credibility, Trust (WRITE 1 PAGE MINIMUM ON THIS SECTION) Purpose: Motivation, Vision, Efficacy, Pride (WRITE 1 PAGE MINIMUM ON THIS SECTION) Creativity: Innovative, Solution-Seeking, Exploration, Perspective Thinking (WRITE 1 PAGE MINIMUM ON THIS SECTION) Learning: Competence, Resilience, Adaptability, Mindfulness (WRITE 1 PAGE MINIMUM ON THIS SECTION) Relationships: Communication, Collaboration, Engagement, Connectedness (WRITE 1 PAGE MINIMUM ON THIS SECTION) Conclusion (1/2 Page) You can also draw on insights gained from the Weeks 5 discussions. However, DO NOT CUT AND PASTE FROM THE DISCUSSIONS. Your paper must have ALL of the sections above as subheadings pasted in the paper including the Introduction and Conclusion. PUT THE TITLE OF EACH SECTON ABOVE IN YOUR PAPER, AND THEN WRITE THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF CONTENT FOLLOWING EACH SUB-SECTION. Points will be lost if the minimum amount of content is not written for EACH sub-section above. For example, if you write three high quality pages on sub-section #1 above and the final paper covers sections 2 through 5 then the grade for the paper will be around 8/18. In writing your paper it is important for you to show critical thinking as well as the ways you can utilize the concepts in your work or human services field. Papers are to be a minimum of 6 pages of content, NOT including title page, titles, sub-titles and reference page. After pasting in the sub-sections, aim for 6.5 to 7 pages of content to be on the safe side, again not including the Title Page or Reference Page. Papers should be double-spaced. Include a separate Title Page that is properly labeled with student name and course name. References from the reading and other research must be cited properly using APA Style in the paper with a separate Reference Page at the end. Your paper must be proofread for grammatical and spelling issues. All papers must be submitted via Canvas AND via Turnitin in the online course and the Turnitin scores should be less then 4%.

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