Administration Management

PART 1 (4 marks; 200-300 words)eview Chapter 8. For one day, pay close attention to the decisions you make and how you make them. Write a description of one of those decisions using the steps in the decision-making process as your guide. Also, describe whether you relied on external or internal sources of information to help you make the decision and whether you think you were more linear or nonlinear in how you processed that informationPART 2 (3 marks; 100-150 words)Review Chapter 9. In your own words, describe three of the eight types of plans outlined in this chapter. Give an example of when you might use each type of plan in an organisation (do not choose an example used in the book).PART 3 (2 marks; 50-150 words)Review Chapter 9 and do a little bit outside research into management by objectives (MBO). In your own words, tell us what MBO is and why it might be a useful tool for a manager within an organisation. In your opinion, is it relevant for today’s managers? Why or why not?

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