Adolescence Interview Discussion

No sources needed. Not an essay, the assignment will be posted on the discussion board. I went ahead and did the first portion of the assignment, the interviews. I interviewed my son and fiance. Im listing the answers to their questions below. If you have any questions please reach out. In this assignment, you will interview an adult and adolescent, then compare their answers. If your interviewees are willing to be recorded for the interview (and they understand their videos will be shared), you may include the video or audio recording, although this step is not required. STEP 1: Interview an adult, at least above age 25, about an adolescent. Ask this person to reflect on their adolescent years and to describe a typical day in detail. What did they do? I went to school and after school I would play on my street with friends. I was never allowed to leave my street. Only two boys lived near me and we all played togther until I moved to US. I stayed near my house for the most part and was very close with my grandmother. Who were they with? Was there something else they wished they could be doing? I always wished I could leave Honduras and move to the US with my mother. She left when I was a baby to work in the states to make more money. Althugh she made more money it was still hard to support herself and my entire family in Honduras. What was expected of them? I was expected to make good gardes always and obey my grandmother. I had to help her with chores all the time because she was old. What were their dreams for the future? I was always told to make good grades and when I graduated I would go to be with my mother in the US and work. I was never given an oppurtunity to dream. Thats what I was told would happen and thats exactly what happened. Prompt the person to describe what is/was going on in their culture around the time of their adolescence. • Interviewee’s first name (or pseudonym): Dennis • Sex: M • Age: 32 • Education status: High school graduate • Occupation: welder • Marital status: single • Number and ages of children, if applicable: 2 children, ages 11 and 12 Answer yes or no to the following questions: 1. Adolescents should spend more time in school. No. Additional notes, if any: I feel like our kids are so overwhelmed with school work sometimes and when dance and sports come around they are more stressed. 2. Adolescents should have to work for their extra money. Yes. Additional notes, if any: Not for essentials but for things they want and not necessarily need. Sometimes I feel like we give our kids too much and they will become to dependent. 3. Adolescents should be required to do volunteer community service. Yes. Additional notes, if any: 4. Adolescents should spend two years in the military before they go to college or begin working. No. Additional notes, if any: Not everyone is built for that type of environment and capable of things you are to do in the military. 5. Most adolescents are sexually active. Yes. Additional notes, if any: I believe this generation normalizes having sex and being provocative incredibly early. 6. Adolescents should be given birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Yes. Additional notes, if any: 7. Adolescents account for most of the crime in my community. No. Additional notes, if any: 8. Most adolescents waste a lot of time. Yes. Additional notes, if any: Our children spend more time playing games and goofing off than we should allow. 9. Most adolescents are careless drivers. Yes. Additional notes, if any: I remember be very reckless when I started driving. Where I lived we didn’t have street signs, or stop lights so you kind of just made your own rules. The village was small so you could ride around and do whatever. I only learned to drive because my godfather had a truck and he would let me haul coffee beans into the city to be sold. 10. I remember adolescence as the best time of my life. Yes. Additional notes, if any: Life was so simple. I didn’t have a lot of material things but looking back now I had a very good life. 11. Many adolescents use drugs. Yes. Additional notes, if any: Music and movies makes it popular and its easily accessible to them. They idolize things like that. 12. Adolescents just delay growing up by going to college. No. Additional notes, if any: College builds a solid foundation for their future. Ask the following questions: 1. At what age do you think adolescents should be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages? Why? 21, and that is only if its moderately done. That age also seems not to be working now because persons under 21 access alcohol at a high rate. Id like to see more done about that possibly more programs to help younger persons become educated on consumption of alcohol. 2. Do you think that adolescence is harder or easier than when you were that age? I think it’s easier now. Growing up in Honduras I didn’t have easy access to a phone or internet. I only had 1 bike my entire life and I shared a bed with my grandmother until I was 13. My family was a hard-working family and I still had to work in the coffee fields to make money for school uniforms. When I compare how our children are raised and the way they live I without a doubt think adolescence have it better than I did. 3. What advice would you give to your 16-year old self? I would tell myself to be more free. I didn’t give myself a lot of time to be a kid and had to grow up and be a man quickly. I should have given myself more time to be a child. STEP 2: Interview an adolescent or teenager between the ages of 13-19, with permission from them (and their parent or guardian if younger than 18). Interviewee’s first name (or pseudonym): Madix Sex: M Age: 12 Grade/education level: 6 Answer yes or no to the following questions: 1. Should teens have to work for the things they want? Yes. Additional notes, if any: Im ready to get a job but nobody will hire me. 2. Should teens be required to do volunteer community service? Yes. Additional notes, if any: I liked volunteering for BINGO at the nursing home even though the old people were rude sometimes. 3. Have you ever been bullied? Yes. Additional notes, if any: Someone called me dumb once but I didn’t care because my grades are better than theirs so I just ignored it. 4. What is an appropriate age to become sexually active? 17. Additional notes, if any: 5. Should teens have free access to birth control? Yes. Additional notes, if any: You always stress the importance of birth control and being protected to us. 6. Do you think that teens account for most of the crime in your community? I don’t know about crime in our community, nothing happens here. Additional notes, if any: 7. Do you think most teens are careless drivers? No, I feel like when you start driving you are very cautious because its new. Additional notes, if any: 8. Do you feel this is the best time of your life? No, I feel like I will have more fun in college away from you and Dennis. Additional notes, if any: 9. Have you ever skipped class? No, its hard to skip class when they call roll. Additional notes, if any: 10. Have you ever used drugs? No. Additional notes, if any: After everything you told me about our family and drugs Im scared to try them. 11. Have you ever snuck out of the house? No. Additional notes, if any: I don’t need to sneak out because you let me go places I want to. Ask the following questions: 1. Whom do you turn to for advice? My mom 2. What law is your peer group most likely to break? Fighting, they do that a lot at school and then the cops come and they take away our free time. Its dumb. 3. What goals do you have for your education? I want to attend college and possibly be an engineer. When I went to the STEM Program in Houston I really liked building the robots and bridges there. 4. At what age do you think people should be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages? Why? 21 because that’s the law and I’m sure its there for a good reason. 5. Do you think that adolescence is harder or easier than when your parents were your age? Why? I feel like its easier for me because I listen to you tell stories about how you grew up and I wouldn’t have wanted to live like that. You help me and Allison (his sister) and always come watch me play sports. Dennis didn’t have internet growing up so we definitely have it better. He couldn’t even watch Netflix. STEP 3: Post these two interviews to the Discussion for Assignment: Adolescence Interview Discussion. STEP 4: After looking at your two interviews and the others posted, write a post between 250 and 500 words discussing what you’ve learned from these interviews. Were there any answers that surprised you? Do you notice any trends? Do you think there are major generational differences in the adolescent experience? How do the experiences from those interviewed compare with your own experiences? How do these tie in with or confirm the things you learned about in this module? Answers that surprised me were when Madix,12, answered 17 was a good age to become sexually active. He is my first born son and I was a teen mom at 16. That caught me off guard because I always stress the importance of waiting and being emotionally and financially prepared. Experiences from interview that compare to my own was Dennis mentioning he wish he had more time to be a child. I wish all the time I had been able to be a child more and not had to bare adult behaviors and situations at an early age such as taking care of myself and eventually caring for a child at an early age by myself. Lots of generational and cultural differences to pick from. Those are just two things Id like you to note in the discussion to make it more personal since it was a personal subject and I did interview my own family. All that should be in the writing is basically answering questions in step #4

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