Adult Stem Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells

Create a thesis and an outline on Compare and Contrast between Adult Stem Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This main function of the stem cells gives them the characteristic of being multicellular and this is uniquely in the mammals and other few vertebrates. Stem cells thus are a crucial part of all the organisms in that they grow and develop with the functioning of these cells. Cells divide to bring about growth which includes an increase in the length and width of an organism.Stem cells have two main properties regarding their function and physical nature. The first is on their ability to renew themselves for the development of the tissues in which they are ingrained in and after they undergo the self-renewal they result in the growth of the body. The second property involves potency where the stem cells function to differentiate and develop into new mature cells and this occurs after the death of the older cells. For the stem cells to differentiate they have to be either totipotent in that they can merge together and form a new organism or multipotent where they originate from the germ layers.The chief stem cells are the embryonic stem cells and the adult stem cells. These two cells are mainly found in the mammals and these cells give them the growth and development trait. Following their names, the embryonic and adult stem cells originate from both the embryos and the adult mammals respectively. Embryonic stem cells are found in the blastocyte in the inner mass of the cell and they ensure growth and development of the embryo into the several stages it goes through before it becomes a fetus hence are very crucial cells in an embryo. This is during the first five days of the growth of a fetus and these embryonic stem cells roughly range between fifty to two hundred cellsOn the other hand, the adult stem cells are found basically in most tissues of an already developed mammal or rather in adult mammals. They are also found in already developed young ones like children in human beings and are referred to as somatic stem cells. In young born, the adult stem cells are found in the blood flowing in the umbilical cord during birth but in the mature adults and young ones, the adult stem cells are located in the bone marrow. Adult stem cells greatly function in cell division and differentiation but they are low in an amount at old age as compared to young age. They are moreover fewer in females than in males that are of the same age.

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