Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon

Reference the Course Schedule for the due date. This assignment must be submitted through Turnitin. To complete this assignment: 1. Watch either Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon OR the three selected avant-garde/experimental film examples and consider the “creativity” of the films and their suitability for educational purposes. Rashomon (Kurosawa, 1951), available through UA library database access on Kanopy. OR Ballet mecanique (Leger, 1924); Meshes of the Afternoon (Deren, 1943); excerpt from “Walden: Diaries, Notes, and Sketches” (Mekas, 1969) [play clip four in Masterworks of American Avant-garde, The 1960s], available through UA library database access on Kanopy. You will have to sign in to the view the films via the library’s access to Kanopy. Click on “Don’t have an account yet?” then “Log in to UA.” 2. Write a response journal of at least 500 words considering the creativity of Rashomon or the avant-garde films and whether they might provide a worthwhile educational experience for a high school student, and what they would teach. 3. Be sure to describe the film(s) in detail, talking about specific scenes or moments in the film(s) that stood out to you. Refer to specific dialogue, visual aspects, sounds, camera movement or editing, acting, etc. Do not focus only on summarizing the plot of the film. 4. Analyze the “creativity” on display and the possible educational benefit of the film(s). What seemed unusual or new or challenging about this film viewing experience? What might a student learn from experiencing this cinematic art? Specifically, if you were going to teach this art work or experience to a high-school-aged student, what would you focus on? Noting a specific moment or scene or piece of art that you observed, what makes this scene creative and possibly educational? What makes it worthwhile or significant? 5. Conclude with a final analysis/summary of the impact art experiences can have on creativity and learning. 6. Title your assignment “LastName_Journal2”. 7. Submit your assignment to the Turnitin submission area below. Writing Expectations and Grading: Students will be graded on their ability to describe the event in question, as well as their own responses, and to analyze through fully realized examples from the event and drawing on course readings/viewings. This response should show a solid knowledge and understanding of major issues in the course, and it should demonstrate the student’s ability to use that knowledge to develop a critical analysis of an arts event and his or her own response to it. In terms of writing, organize your ideas clearly and write in standard academic prose. Your ideas, focus, and specific examples from the event are the most important factors in grading, but you will be expected to write clearly and without significant grammar problems. Finally, all work must be the student’s own, and no group collaboration is allowed.

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