American Islam and Religious Literacy

THE PROMPT Early in the term we looked at Eboo Patel’s notion that there is currently emerging a distinctly American form of Islam (it might be worth your time to review that video). One could argue that ‘Keeping it Halal’ is a remarkable case study of this phenomenon. I assume you agree, and I want you to push it further, applying the principles of religious literacy as well as the “3 Bs” to the text. How does understanding religious literacy assist you in understanding the tensions inherent in these boys’ lives? Finally, considering our work in this module, how might the experience of these boys predict the future of American Islam? Your essay should be about 7 pages in length, double spaced, 12 point font. You may use any method of citation you choose, so long as you consistently use that method throughout the essay. An outstanding essay will dig deeply into several themes of religious literacy, using evidence from ‘Keeping it Halal’ and earlier readings/assignments to back your ideas. A good essay will explore some aspects of religious literacy, and will not be as thorough in its use of evidence.

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