Anti-Federalist Criticisms

Remember, your answers should have a minimum of 6-8 sentences and include 3 examples. 1.   The Bill of Rights as an answer to Anti-Federalist criticisms of the Constitution 2. How did the First Party System develop? What two parties were active during the period? What major issues did they disagree on? 3. New York State politics in the 1820s 4. What caused the Mexican American War? 5. What controversies surrounded the presidency of John Quincy Adams? 6. How did slaves and slaveholders view and use the idea of paternalism? 7. How did the slave trade economically benefit whites who were not own slaves? 8. Discuss the Second Great Awakening. 9. How did the Dred Scott Supreme Court case 10. Name (and discuss) three pivotal events in the 1850s that influenced the South to secede from the Union

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