Arid Landscape

For this assignment, please use geomorphology knowledge to examine a few concepts related to arid lands. Part 1 – Fluvial and Arid Landform Processes Please think of a process that is similar in both fluvial and arid geomorphic regions and identify their process. When you have identified this process please complete the following: Be specific and discuss how the processes are similar in each situation and how they are different. If pertinent, what landforms are created by these processes? List the process that has similarity in both geomorphic regions Discuss how the processes are similar in each region If pertinent, discuss how the processes are also different Discuss what landforms result from these processes. Part 2 – Geology of Basin and Range Landscapes Please identify the geologic structures and/or process that makes alluvial fan/bajada creation in Basin and Range geomorphic regions. When you have identified this dynamic complete the following: List the structure/process that makes alluvial fan/bajada development possible Discuss in detail how this structure/process is necessary for the development of these Basin and Range landforms. You should be able to identify at least two specific processes related to alluvial fan/bajada development that directly relates to the geologic phenomena you have identified.

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