Assignment: Case Study of Telehealth

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Assignment: Case Study of Telehealth

Assignment: Case Study of Telehealth

Question 20

The number of states that now have elder abuse laws is:





Question 21

Which of the following best describes the term “Telehealth”?

Transmission of information from one site to another.

Delivery of health care through a telecommunications system.

Transmission of sounds and images between two or more sites.

Combination of robotics and virtual reality to allow treatment modalities in distant sites.

Question 22

Apparent consent occurs when the patient:

Voluntarily signs a consent form for an invasive procedure.

Orally agrees to have an invasive procedure performed.

Allows a family member to sign the informed consent form for him or her.

Shows by his or her conduct that he or she agrees to the treatment.

Question 23

In passing the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Congress attempted to combine the two legal concepts of:

Disability and the right to work.

Disability and equality.

Disability and autonomy.

Disability and fairness.

Question 24

A nurse, while under a general employment contract with a hospital, is subject to the right to direct and control the details of his or her work by a second entity. Such a nurse would be said to be acting as a (an):

Dual servant.

Borrowed servant.

Independent contractor.

Agent of the principal.

Question 25

Internal sources for determining standards of care include:

Hospital policy and procedure manuals.

Professional journals and nursing texts.

Previous and relevant court cases.

State standards of care as defined by the state board of nursing.

Question 26

The defendant in a lawsuit is the party:

Bringing the lawsuit against another.

Who was injured by the nurse or health care provider.

Who is answering a complaint brought against him or her.

Who is the health care institution in the case.

Question 27

One of the most important state legislative acts in the area of community health nursing is the:

State nurse practice act.

State Medicaid law.

State family consent doctrine.

State reporting statute.

Question 28

Which advanced nurse practitioner role is authorized by nurse practice acts, medical practice acts, and allied health laws?

Nurse anesthetist

Nurse midwife

Family nurse practitioner

Clinical nurse specialist

Question 29

Since unlicensed personnel are not licensed by the state in their own right, they may perform delegated tasks because:

They practice on the license of the professional delegating the task.

They are sanctioned by the American Hospital Association as an exception to the requirement for licensure.

They work under the auspices and licensure of the institution, not the professional nurse.

They are sanctioned by the state nurse practice act as an exception to the requirement for licensure.

Question 30

When nurses assist patients to understand their own value system and make choices consistent with those values, the approach to advocacy is said to be the:

Rights protection model.

Autonomy model.

Values-based decision model.

Patient advocate model.

Question 31

The main purpose of documentation is to:

Communicate the patient’s condition to all members of the health care team.

Record patient information for future research studies.

Verify dates of patients’ admissions to health care institutions.

Ensure that all charges are validly documented and assessed to the patient for collection from third-party payers.

Question 32

What is the most significant professional qualification necessary for a nurse who practices as a school nurse?

The nurse’s ability to work closely with school officials.

The nurse’s ability to properly counsel students about medical concerns.

The nurse’s ability to exercise independent judgment in emergency situations.

The nurse’s ability to effectively teach students about their health and wellness.

Question 33

The functions of risk management include all of the following except:

Defining situations that place the entity at some financial risk.

Intervening in and investigating potential risks that exist in the health care setting.

Identifying opportunities for improving patient care.

Identifying opportunities and funding for patient research.

Question 34

The legal guide to the practice of registered nursing is:

ANA Code of Ethics.

Nightingale Pledge.

State Nurse Practice Act.

Nurse’s Bill of Rights.

Question 35

When a nurse manager assists an employee in deciding about the employee’s future career and possible options available to him or her, the manager is most likely following the ethical principle of:





Question 36

The standard of care under Good Samaritan laws is usually the:

Standard of the reasonably prudent patient.

Emergency care standard.

Disaster care standard.

Standard of the prudent hospital-based staff nurse.

Question 37

The court found a nurse manager liable for failure to warn. Which option reflects a failure to warn scenario?

The nurse manager did not adequately supervise a newly hired nurse who had not practiced nursing in five years.

The nurse manager did not tell a potential employer that a former employee was asked to resign for incompetence.

The nurse manager did not advise a newly hired nurse that continuing education was an annual requirement for promotion.

The nurse manager did not notify the physician regarding worsening of a patient’s respiratory status.

Question 38

One of the earliest needs for the EMTALA was seen as the need to prevent:

Patients being turned away from clinics because of inability to pay for services.

Health maintenance organizations from making a profit by providing substandard care.

Patients being turned away from emergency centers based on inability to pay for services.

Illegal aliens from receiving free services in the United States.

Question 39

Which group or person has authority to write statutory law such as nurse practice acts?

State legislatures

State boards of nursing

State governors

State nursing associations

Question 40

The doctrine of personal liability is a rule that:

Protects nurses against liability for malpractice.

Holds everyone responsible for his or her own negligent conduct.

Makes some persons responsible for the actions of others.

Ensures that no one has liability in certain legal actions.

Question 41

The statute of limitations for a lawsuit:

Defines events that will not be allowed to be discussed at trial.

Defines the period of time in which a lawsuit may be filed.

Is suspended for minors in all states until they become 18 years of age.

Limits the number of plaintiffs and defendants in any given lawsuit.

Question 42

By passing the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, Congress:

Established the right of all Americans to have health insurance.

Established the right of access to medical care, regardless of ability to pay.

Established the right of access to medical care, dependent upon the ability to pay.

Set into motion a socialized medical plan for all Americans.

Question 43

Delegation has been a concept used in nursing:

Since the 1990s.

Since the early 1970s.

Since the mid-1950s.

Throughout all of nursing’s history.

Question 44

A confused patient frequently calls out for “help” throughout the shift. When nursing staff respond to the call, the patient is unable to explain what is needed. What action should be taken by the nurse?

Continue to respond and attempt to reorient the patient.

Move the call bell out of the patient’s reach to deter erroneous calls.

Restrain the patient in soft wrist restraints until the physician can be reached.

Chemically restrain the patient with a mild sedative so he/she will sleep.

Question 45

A nurse has decided to obtain individual professional liability insurance. In general, which type of insurance is best for most nurses?





Question 46

A patient on the medical/surgical unit became confused and dangerous to himself and others in the setting, restraints were applied, and the patient was confined to bed. The nurse’s best defense for applying the restraints would be:





Question 47

The standard of care of the nursing student is:

Greater than that of the RN.

Less than that of the RN.

The same as that of the RN.

Not comparable to the standard of the RN.

Question 48

A school nurse negligently administered an overdose of medication to a student, causing the student to suffer a severe reaction that necessitated hospitalization. Should a lawsuit result from this case, the nurse would be held to what standard?

The reasonably prudent school nurse

The reasonably prudent pediatric nurse

The reasonably prudent general duty hospital nurse

The reasonably prudent advanced nurse practitioner

Question 49

Discrimination against which group of persons necessitated the Americans with Disabilities Act?

The increasing population of older Americans

Those returning from war with orthopedic injuries

The increasing numbers of people injured in motor vehicle accidents

Those living with HIV/AIDS

Question 50

External sources for determining standards of care include:

Hospital policy and procedure manuals.

Professional journals and nursing texts.

The individual nurse’s experience and education.

The individual nurse’s job description.

Assignment: Case Study of Telehealth

Assignment: Case Study of Telehealth

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