Assignment: Legal Nursing Aspects

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Assignment: Legal Nursing Aspects

Assignment: Legal Nursing Aspects

Week 3 assignment

Summary: Your assignment is to write an APA formatted paper based on your readings and

literature searches exploring and answering a series of questions.

Nurses are at the forefront of patient care, and will participate fully in genetic-based and

genomic-based practice activities, such as collecting family history, obtaining informed

consent for genetic testing, and administering gene-based therapies. Nurses will have a critical

role advocating for, educating, counseling, and supporting patients and families who are

making gene-based healthcare decisions (Cassells, Jenkins, Lea, Calzone, & Johnson, 2003).

Nurses will need to be able to effectively translate genetic and genomic information to their

patients with an understanding of associated ethical issues. This new direction in healthcare

calls for nurses to integrate into their scope of practice the emerging field of genetics and

genomics. The increased availability of personal genetic information also challenges nurses to

understand the ethical issues associated with activities such as informed decision making,

informed consent and genetic testing, genetic and genomic research testing protection,

maintaining privacy and confidentiality of genetic information, preventing genetic

discrimination, and strengthening genetic and genomic care around the world (Lea, 2008).

Cassells, J.M., Jenkins, J., Lea D.H., Calzone K., & Johnson E., (2003). An ethical assessment framework for addressing global genetic issues

in clinical practice. Oncology Nursing Forum, 30(3), 383-90.

Lea, D., (2008) Genetic and genomic healthcare: Ethical issues of importance to nurses. OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing 13(1).

Who you will

What you will write about

How you will

How you will evaluate

write for


and support


Topic: Genetic and Genomic

Format:Your paper

Support your statements


Healthcare: Ethical Issues of

will be written in

with specific references

primary audience is

Importance to Nurses

APA 6th edition

from the readings and any

the general nursing

format including a

outside sources that you


Within your paper, you will answer all

Title and Reference

have discovered.

including your

of the following questions using APA

page. No abstract is

peers and nursing

level 1 headings:


Write in your own words


and paraphrase content

1. Explain how nurses can be familiar

Write your paper in

from other sources and


with the nature and sources of genetic

a Microsoft Word

cite according to APA

assignment is to be

information so that they can assure

document. Save it in

standards. You should

written in third

privacy and confidentiality for their

a location on your

refrain from using quotes

personas it


computer and with a

in any of your paper. It is

reflects your

name that follows

more important to present

professional insight

2. Describe how your ANA Code to

this format: Last

your ideas about the

and research

Ethics book defines Privacy?

name, First name,

subject matter through


NUR3826, Genetic

your analysis and

3. A woman who tests positive for

and Genomic

synthesis and


hereditary breast/ovarian cancer


paraphrasing what you

Audience:As your

informs you, her nurse, that she does

have selected from the

instructor, I will

not wish to share this information with


literature to support or

read and evaluate

her sisters and her mother as she does

Include a

argue your ideas.

how effectively

not get along with them. The concern

substantive and

Excessive quoting will

you have addressed

for her sisters and mother is that each


lead to point deductions.

your primary

of them now has a 1 in 2 chance to

introduction and


carry the same breast/ovarian cancer

conclusion to your

References:Include a

gene mutation that confers a

paper. Use of Level

minimum of five (5)

significantly increased risk to develop

One APA Headings

scholarly references

breast/ovarian cancer. Defend how

are required.

including a minimum of

you, the nurse, can be guided by the

three (3) current (within

ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses to

Length:The Final

the last 5 years) nursing

seek help and counsel from

paper will consist of

journal articles. Use

experienced individuals of the Ethics

a 7-10-page paper,

proper APA paraphrasing,

Board within your institution.

not including the

in-text citations, and

title page or

corresponding reference

4. Do you, the nurse, have “the legal

reference page.

for all sources.

authority to breach the confidentiality

of the client-nurse relationship to


Additional sources can be

disclose genetic information about one

Week 3 Assignment

from the ANA Essential

individual to another individual”?

tab. Submit only as a

texts or the course

Microsoft Word

textbook. Professional

5. Propose how a solution for this


websites can be included,

ethical dilemma that arises for nurses

but must be in proper

and other healthcare providers when a


APA format. The use of

patient does not choose to share

paper will

web sites such as

genetic information with other family

automatically be

Wikipedia or a non-

members when it may be important to

submitted through

discipline supportive

their health.

SafeAssign, a

website are not allowed.

plagiarism software

6. Contrast respect for the patient’s


*Please use the Keiser

confidentiality, while on the other

University Online Library

hand the duty to warn other family

Please review the

for professional nursing

members of their potential health


journal articles. Sites such as

the OJIN Online Journal of


information under

Issues in Nursingare also

the Student


7. Explain the impact of genetic

Resources Tab,

information. How does a person’s

Writing and Library

genetic information affect that

link within the

individual and society’s perception of


that individual?

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