Assignment: Nurse with Physical Disability

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Assignment: Nurse with Physical Disability

Assignment: Nurse with Physical Disability


Question 1

A nurse who has an obvious physical disability applies for a staff nurse position. Which question, asked by the nurse recruiter, is legal?

“How long have you been disabled?”

“How does your disability affect your life?”

“Are you able to fulfill the requirements of this job?”

“Has your condition stabilized, or do you foresee it getting worse with time?”

Question 2

What is the basic purpose of the state board of nursing?

To ensure that all practicing nurses are competent

To restrict nursing practice through regulations

To ensure that all schools of nursing seek national accreditation

To establish a means of protecting the public at large

Question 3

A nurse brings suit against the hospital after being terminated for excessive absenteeism. Who is the defendant in this lawsuit?

The nurse bringing the suit

The nurse’s attorney

The hospital

The hospital’s attorney

Question 4

Which of the following principles underlies the actions of all health care providers and assures that those actions will meet or exceed standards of care?





Question 5

What is the nurse’s legal duty with regard to implementing a physician’s order?

The nurse should follow the order unless the nurse believes some other course of action would be better.

The nurse should follow the order unless the nurse has reason to believe that the patient could come to harm if the order is followed.

The nurse should review each order with the physician and then follow the order.

The nurse should question every order with the physician, since physicians are only human.

Question 6

Which patient incident should be addressed because it is the primary cause of action in lawsuits against long-term care facilities?

Inadequate resident nutrition

Resident falls

Medication errors

Abuse of residents

Question 7

Ethical theories that derive norms and rules from the duties human beings owe to each other fall under the broad classification of:

Teleological theories.

Deontological theories.

Utilitarian theories.

Situational ethics.

Question 8

Which of the following actions is a requirement of the standard of care when it comes to technology and equipment in nursing practice?

Select and properly use equipment within health care settings.

Clean and repair equipment so that it can be readily used.

Modify equipment or improvise as needed in clinical settings.

Notify the FDA is equipment is not working properly.

Question 9

Students do not need to be licensed to practice nursing actions because:

They practice on their instructors’ licenses.

They practice as an exception to the licensure requirement.

They have a lower standard of care than do licensed nurses.

Clinical contracts preclude the need for licenses.

Question 10

A nurse’s neighbor routinely calls and asks for advice regarding health issues. What should the nurse do about these calls?

Tell the neighbor that the nurse is not legally able to give health advice outside the work environment.

Be certain that any advice given reflects both nursing and community standards.

Charge the neighbor a flat fee of $25 for each call.

Tell the neighbor that nurses are not educationally prepared to give health advice.

Question 11

When one delegates tasks to another, accountability for that task:

Is transferred to the person performing the task.

Is retained by the person who transfers the task.

Is held jointly by the person transferring the task and the person performing the task.

Can be imputed to either the person performing the task or the person transferring performance of the task.

Question 12

When giving health-related advice, the nurse can avoid liability if the advice reflects:

A solid medical diagnosis.

Nursing and community standards.

A quick assessment and treatment recommendations.

There is no way to avoid liability when giving advice.

Question 13

The overall goal of American antitrust laws is to:

Prevent competition while creating efficient markets.

Promote competition while creating efficient markets.

Promote competition without affecting market practices.

Prevent competition without affecting market practices.

Question 14

The single most critical factor in determining whether a particular nurse acted with reasonable care in a given situation is:

The number of years the nurse has practiced as a professional.

The experience the nurse has in a particular clinical setting.

The ability of the nurse to perform according to his or her job description.

How the nurse’s conduct compared to the conduct of other nurses with similar backgrounds and experience.

Question 15

Persons who are qualified under the Americans with Disabilities Act include:

Persons who have gender identity disorders and sexual behavior disorders.

Persons who are bisexual and homosexual.

Persons who are currently using illegal drugs.

Persons who are recovering or rehabilitated alcoholics.

Question 16

When the nurse manager transfers full responsibility for the performance of a task without transferring the accountability for the ultimate outcome, the task has been:





Question 17

Consent, once validly given by a competent adult patient:

May not be revoked.

May be revoked only in writing if the original consent was written.

May be revoked at any time prior to the procedure or treatment being implemented.

May be revoked only if a second procedure supersedes the first procedure.

Question 18

Nurses in which health care settings are required to comply with the Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990?

Solely in formal institutional settings, such as hospitals.

In all health care settings except home health care settings.

In all health care settings, including home health care settings, if federal funds are received.

In home health care settings only if they have a validly executed advanced directive when care is first rendered.

Question 19

A nurse is caring for a 45-year-old patient who reveals that recent injuries are a result of domestic violence. The patient begs the nurse not to “tell anyone.” What action, taken by the nurse, is correct?

Tell the patient that the law requires reporting this incident.

Promise the patient the information will not be shared.

Talk with the patient about the reason for secrecy.

Report the revelation to the charge nurse immediately.

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