beauty and the beast

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on beauty and the beast in terms of fantasy genre. Fantasy is one of the most superficial and outward genres in art and popular culture. The main characteristics and traits that build the concept of the genre being taking separately can be considered as the details of almost half of all known stories, books, films, etc. Most simply anything that has some supernatural, magical, wizardry, or enchanted parts in it can be named fantasy though its creators could not even conceive it on purpose. Nevertheless, most original, bright and sharp fantasy tales or films have numerous general and main components due to which their connection to the genre can’t be denied or disputed. Fantasy is one of those genres that have strict boundaries like western, noir, or chivalric romance in which story can be told only after setting distinctive scenery. In general above the presence of sorcery and wizardry fantasy genre often has a medieval pattern in it be it details like castles, monarchy or aristocracy (princesses, kings, queens, merchants, etc.) beasts (dragons, talking animals, leviathans, etc.) or knights and witches all of which are also a description of medieval times and its naive and simple ideas of adventure and interesting story. Chronological boundaries of fantasy are away wider than the medieval approach to the genre because different kinds and traits of fantasy can be seen in so many works of fiction and even ancient religions that it is difficult if not to say impossible to state when it first appeared. If the presence of magic and supernatural elements, as well as mythology, is taken as the main description of a fantasy than even works of Homer, parts of “Mahabharata”&nbsp.and “Ramayana” of ancient India and other heroic epos like “The Song of the Nibelungs”, “Egyptian Book of the Dead” or King Arthur’s legends can be named works of fantasy. Due to the wide characteristics and the dominance of aesthetic elements instead of content ones the definition of the strict boundaries of the fantasy genre can be named an artistic and creative process itself due to such free nature of the genre (Timmerman, 1983).It is also important to add that fantasy often has a lot of pathos and overall can seem pompous and epic to the edge which of course is a part of the genre’s archetype and can’t be ignored. Another significant fact is the one that fantasy has more in common with ethnic beliefs and tales as well as folklore than with a general and historical literature tradition so it is wider than for example romanticism or modernism because both such movements, as well as even different techniques like monologue, poetic sketch, movie, videogame or even song, can tell a fantasy story and be true to the roots and origins of the genre.

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