Black Images in Film

Write 7 pages with APA style on Black Images in Film. Boyz N the Hood is the story of three young black boys who live in the ‘hood’ of South Central Los Angeles. (John Singleton, 1991). The movie is a story of their friendship, about the paths that diverge with time. Ricky Baker and Darin (nickname Doughboy) are half-brothers, as alike as chalk and cheese. Ricky is a soft character whose ultimate passion is football. Doughboy is aggressive and violent, yet sticking to his own code of honor and pride. The third boy Tre Styles (played by Cuba Gooding Jr) leads a life very different from the other two in that he has a father to lean upon. Though divorced from his mother, Tre’s father Jason ‘Furious’ Styles (played by Lawrence Fishburne) takes an active interest in his upbringing. This makes all the difference to young Tre’s life. The movie shows the young boys grown into teenagers living completely different lives. Whereas Tre is a responsible young man, Doughboy is a high school dropout hanging about in the neighborhood dealing with drugs and alcohol. Ricky is trying to win a football scholarship to the University of Southern California, he has also fathered a baby with his girlfriend. Their neighborhood is highly prone to violence and the police are more or less negligent about the safety of the area. Their attitude is that blacks are a violent lot. Problems start when Ricky gets killed by a rival gang shootout.Doughboy is determined to take revenge and Tre has to decide whether to risk his career and future for the sake of avenging his friend’s life and for the sake of self-respect. This moving chronicle of the trials faced by three young blacks is a mirror of director Singleton’s own childhood spent in a similar black ghetto.‘Do the Right Thing’ is a movie that shows the happenings on a very very hot day. The movie is set in a street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. (Lee Spike, 1989). The story revolves around a pizzeria owned by an Italian American Sal (Danny Aiello).

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