Building an Interactive

For this assignment, you will pick a topic from the course and create an interactive, or a short learning activity, about it—similar to others you’ve encountered throughout the course. The purpose of the interactive is to provide yourself and others the opportunity to better understand concepts from the content in order to make it more approachable and interesting. The best interactives may be eligible to be incorporated into the course for future students! Here’s one example: You will make these interactives using H5P (Links to an external site.), using the course presentation tool. The presentation should have a minimum of 4 slides and a maximum of 10. The course presentation feature in H5P works like this: H5P Course presentation (Links to an external site.) The other types of H5P tools you’ll likely to include within the H5P presentation are: H5P Image Sequencing (Links to an external site.) H5P Drag the words (Links to an external site.) (this is best for matching) H5P Fill in the blanks (Links to an external site.) H5P Multiple choice (Links to an external site.) The goal is not to simply duplicate the multiple choice practice questions that you already see in course, but to create an activity that provides a deeper review or an opportunity to elaborate upon important concepts. You could also pull in current research or other engaging articles to expound upon a topic. STEP 1: Pick a topic from the course that you found to be interesting, difficult, or in need of further explanation. Maybe it’s something related to research, one of the developmental theories, genetics, pregnancy, sleep, language development, attachment, Piaget’s stages, Erikson’s stages, parenting styles, moral reasoning, school, cognitive development, puberty, identify formation, etc. You can also select topics that will be covered in later modules, such as marriage, divorce, aging, attitudes towards death. Try to hone in on something that is a focused topic, such as the example above on reliability and validity. STEP 2: Research the topic. Read more about it in general terms, but also review current research and journal articles related to the topic. You are required to include at least one reference to an outside source in the interactive. Any and all content you use inside of the interactive needs to be written in your own words and appropriately cited OR it needs to be openly licensed, and appropriately attributed. Similarly, any images used should be openly licensed or in the public domain (CC0, CC-BY, or CC-BY-SA). You can search for openly licensed images within Flickr or other platforms, but google also offers search tools to help you find images that allow for reuse. You can click “tools”, then the dropdown menu will come down and allow you to select “labeled for reuse,” as shown below.Google searchbar showing Images selected then “Labeled for reuse” and “labeled for reuse.” STEP 3: Write our your plan for the interactive. It works well to storyboard it first on a document so you know what you’ll want to include on each slide. For example: Slide 1: Introductory paragraph on topic. Introduce example. Slide 2: Multiple choice question about the example, with feedback. Slide 3: Introductory text. Picture. Slide 4: Matching activity. Slide 5: Conclusion. STEP 4: Go to (Links to an external site.) and create a free account. Click “Create New Content.” Read through the tutorial on creating a course presentation (Links to an external site.). Select the type of content you want to create, and get started. STEP 5: Create your interactive! Read through this brief tutorial on adding attributions (Links to an external site.) or use the guides within H5P to help you create the type of content you need. STEP 6: Copy and paste the URL of your interactive into the discussion forum, along with a short description of why you made it and where you think it best fits into the course content. Criteria: Build an Interactive This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeInteractive is an informative and engaging h5p presentation 10.0 pts Full Marks The interactive is an interesting h5p presentation between 4 and 10 slides. It covers a relevant topic within lifespan development. It is easy to follow, and informative. Critical analysis and application are demonstrated. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIncludes at least one outside source with proper citations and attributions 5.0 pts Full Marks Content is original work unless where specifically indicated. The presentation includes at least one outside reference, with proper citations, and attributions if using OER. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWriting Mechanics & Grammar 5.0 pts Full Marks Well-organized and clearly written slides provide enhancement on the topic. Clearly written; excellent writing style.

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