Business Entrepreneurship

It’s an important assignment! This assignment should be connected with course material. So you need to sign in my school account to see course materials, I’ll send you my account information after we start the contract.   M12: Social Entrepreneurship at MSU Instructions: Read all assigned readings and complete the written dropbox assignment. There is not a quiz or discussion assignment for this module. Learning Objectives: Get introduced to the variety of free support programs for MSU students who want to pursue their socially entrepreneurial ideas and interests. Compare and contrast for-profit entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. Assignments: Individual Report (Dropbox assignment). No Quiz or Discussion assignment in this module. Instructions for Written Assignment: Read the assigned online readings Download the template for the written report Make sure to pay attention to the requirement of using at least two references from the assigned readings and proper citation format (APA or MLA format) in your final report. Write and submit your report by the due date in the Dropbox below. Instructions for M12: Assignment A dropbox written assignment (REL185)   Title: Report on Social Entrepreneurship at MSU   Instructions: ·      Include your name at the top of the paper and title it “Report Social Entrepreneurship at MSU” ·      Approximately 1200 words, double- spaced, and 12 point font. ·      Your report should include at least two specific references to course assigned readings using either APA or MLA citation formats for in text citations and a list of references ·      Include a works cited page at the end of your report (not included in word count). ·      Before submission in D2L, complete a review for grammatical and spelling errors.   Content of Report ·      Your report should both address the questions below and demonstrate a basic understanding of social entrepreneurship and how it’s distinguished from business entrepreneurship. Specific citations supporting your conclusions should draw from assigned readings, our text in Module 12 class. ·      Answer the following questions: 1.     Briefly describe why the MSU Entrepreneurship and Innovation program was created and for what type(s) of student entrepreneur(s). Do you think its programs and services might be helpful to student’s interested work related to nonprofits, social enterprises or religious organizations? Briefly explain why or why not. 2.     From the perspective of a social entrepreneur, describe at least two features of the MSU Entrepreneurship and Innovation that could help social entrepreneurs develop and implement their socially innovative ideas as distinguished from business entrepreneurs who goal is to just generate profit or wealth. 3.     Identify at least two similarities and two differences between successful social entrepreneurs and successful business entrepreneurs? 4.     Do you think you might utilize the services and opportunities of the MSU Entrepreneurship and Innovation program for development of a business or social enterprise, or either? Briefly explain your answer.   ·      Submit by posted due date under M12 dropbox assignment. No emailed or hard copy versions are accepted for final grading.

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