Business Ethics and Laws

Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Business Ethics and Law at Delectables Corp. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The major risk associated with whistleblowing is the dissolution of the company. A company can lose its competitive edge owing to unethical and illegal practices, which can consequently lead to the closing down of the company. Customers tend to shy away from companies that do not observe stipulated ethical and legal standards by industry the regulators, bylaws, or laws. Whistleblowing is not the only risk as it also comes with a wide range of benefits. The first benefit of whistleblowing is the fact that it brings sanity in the operations of Delectables Corp. by ending wrongdoings such as selling of peanut butter with questionable quality. Whistleblowing also protects the interest of key stakeholders especially customers especially if consumption of the service or product can lead to bodily harm or chronic health condition (Trimborn). I will start by informing Delectables Corp. directors about the issues taking place in the organization ranging from the working condition to the quality assurance problems. I will only consider blowing the whistle only if the Board of Directors will not respond to the problems raised. It is no doubt that a number of questions will be ringing in my mind before making the final move with respect to the situation at hand. I will ask myself about the present state of the organization with respect to the quality assurance, the conduct of subordinates, and the working condition of every member of the organization. The next question will be what should be the ideal state with respect to working conditions and quality assurance. The next question involves what is the minimally accepted state with respect to working conditions and quality assurance. The next question I will ask is what steps and procedures should we put in place to ensure that we significantly improve our present situation to the minimally accepted state. The last question is what procedures we should use to raise from the minimally accepted state to the ideal state.I will use the utilitarian theory of business ethics. I prefer utilitarian theory because it lays high emphasis on ethical decisions that advance the most value to all the stakeholders while at the same time limiting the number of damages to the minimal number of participants as possible. Because I want well for the majority, my ethical decision should cause less harm to the stakeholders of Delectables Corp. while at the same time increasing value for everyone. The decision of whether to blow the whistle or not is one of the most challenging because it involves a lot of thinking. I will first be thinking about the impact of blowing the whistle on the future performance of the company. Secondly, I will also have to think about the image of the company in the eyes of the public and external stakeholders. I will also have to think about the interest of various stakeholders in Delectables Corp especially investors and the employees. I will go for the stakeholder model.

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