Business Presentation

you are to prepare and submit a PowerPoint© presentation based on one of the topics listed in Exercise 5-3 on page 146 of the textbook. You are to assume the role of a communication consultant who has been invited to speak on your selected topic at a conference. Your audience consists of approximately 100 middle-managers and top-level executives from both the private and public sectors.Although the text states that your presentation should be five minutes in length, you are to disregard the amount of time. Instead, your presentation should be between 15-25 slides, including a title slide, and a final slide asking for questions.Title Slide: The title slide should include the name of the topic, your name, date, and the course name.Background/Introductory Material: By way of introduction, you should include some background material/facts regarding the topic. This could include statistics, graphs, charts, and any other information that you believe is important for your audience to know about the topicDiscussion: In this section of the presentation, you need to make your audience aware of how the topic is relevant to their industry, company, or organization. In other words, why should they be concerned about the topic?Recommended Strategies and/or Solutions: In this section, you should recommend specific strategies for your audience to consider. As stated in the text, given the topic you have chosen and the make-up of your audience, what type of evidence would you use to persuade them to accept your proposed strategies and solutions?Narration: Your presentation must include narration, either in the form of a spoken narrative accompanying each slide, or a narrative script in the “Notes” section accompanying each slide.In preparing your presentation, you must use one of the three organizational patterns for persuasive presentations described on page 122 of the text: the problem-solving pattern, the state-the-case-and-prove-it pattern, or the psychological-progressive pattern.Your score will be based on both the graphic design/visual impact of your presentation, as well as your analysis and discussion of the topic. This must be a professional presentation and will take some time, so do not wait until Week 7 to begin working on the project.

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