Career in the Electric Utility Industry

Write a 6 pages paper on career in the electric utility industry. There is no better time than now to begin looking toward a career in the electric utility industry.All across the country, there is an aging population that is getting ready to retire. Known as the baby boomer generation, this group already represents approximately 44 percent of the entire country’s workforce (Bishop, 2). At the same time, most of the workforce in the electric industry is already over the age of 50, meaning that many are eligible for retirement in just a few years (Bishop). Older baby boomers have held onto these positions for many years, working often under seniority structures where job roles are granted to time earned. However, higher retirement rates have created new problems where recruitment and training are needed for younger workers. Instead of having a bidding system, they are forced to find external talent that already has the belief that the electric industry cannot provide quality jobs. This makes it necessary to come up with new human resources policies to help in building new talent to replace the high aging workforce.Because of the baby boomers causing problems, this creates less competition for the younger job seeker who might currently be having difficulty finding a good career position. The electric utility industry has many management jobs outside of working on the exterior power lines, opening opportunities for job seekers looking for a management role. Because this industry is already having problems finding the right talent and is concerned about the older generation retiring, this industry would likely be glad to receive a resume from a skilled manager from a different industry in need of new work.However, even though the older generation is retiring, there are problems with some of the younger workforce. Younger workers tend to expect more from their companies, such as high benefits or training opportunities, therefore they are harder to satisfy. Younger workers generally do not stay in one job for very long,&nbsp.making it difficult to retain employees without giving them large bonuses or other benefits.&nbsp.

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