Case Assignment:  Implementation Process

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Case Assignment:  Implementation Process

Case Assignment:  Implementation Process

Case Assignment:  Implementation Process

Week 9 assignment 2 Evidence Based Project Proposal For your Dropbox assignment, you will write another part of your Methods section (Part 4) that you began in Week 7. In a paragraph or two in APA format include the following: Identify your stakeholders by job title and how their participation was key to the project. Briefly discuss potential barriers to project implementation that stakeholders may present. Include strategies to prevent or address these barriers. After receiving feedback from faculty, incorporate this paragraph into the Methods section of your paper after the “Procedures/intervention” section and before the “Instruments/scales and measurement of outcomes” section.

Communication is the one tool your managerial toolbox cannot do without. Without effective and timely communication, barriers to project implementation and development will surface and as a result, the organization will have a difficult time reaching its project objectives.

10 Barriers To Project Implementation

Of course, there are other barriers to project success. Good communication will take care of a lot of problems but not all — human nature being what it is. Whether you’ve been a project leader or part of a project team, you’ve undoubtedly run into one or more of the following barriers to project implementation .

1. Lack of Clarity

One of the barriers to project implementation is lack of clarity. Some or all employees don’t know or don’t understand the project goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities, etc. What are their individual goals and how do they relate to the goals of other team members, and to the project? Stakeholders don’t see what they have to gain if your project plans aren’t clear, and everyone must have something to gain or they don’t cooperate. Communicate.

2. Inadequately Researched or Defined Requirements

This is a major cause, if not the root cause, of lack of project clarity. Be sure you and the user/customer . Communicate.

3. Inadequate Resources

You considered and planned for  and rollout costs, but what happens after rollout? What does it take to adequately inform, or educate, the customer? Did you adequately address marketing, customer support, and maintenance needs? Communicate.

4. Lack of Ongoing Customer Support

For some companies, contact with the customer ends with the sale. Did your plans account for the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty? Too many companies  in this regard. Communicate.

5. Biases (Yours and Theirs)

You’ve heard the phrase “overpromised and underdelivered”. How many times does this happen in your business? Why? How likely are potential customers to believe you if they’ve already been burned. What were their previous experiences? Be sure to address these. Also be sure to address your company’s attitudes toward existing customers (see “Ongoing Support”). Communicate.

6. Technology Gap

Where is the customer on the technology continuum? If your solution is technology-based, consider the amount of training that will be required within your . Also, be sure you know what their most pressing needs are and solve them. Don’t give them more than they need and don’t shoot wide of the mark. Communicate.

7. Resistance to Change

An individual’s degree of resistance to change is a major factor: While it may seem counterintuitive to you, many people prefer the devil they know to the one they don’t. Be aware of that and have a plan for dealing with it. Make sure the customer knows the benefits of your project early on and how they will far outweigh any temporary pain they might feel. Communicate.

8. Lack of Time

See “inadequate resources”.

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