Categories of Domestic Violence

Create a paper that discusses categories of domestic violence. These categorizations have not achieved much recognition since the arguments raised therein are subject to question and debates. As a result, various people have argued otherwise concerning these typological categorizations.The great debate concerning this idea is concerned with the number of people an offender abuses or offend against placing them under serial domestic offenders or one time offenders (Johnson & Ferraro, 2000). Domestic violence, according to Johnsson, (2004) refers to an act of aggression against a member of the same family by another member of the family. Different experts have come up with different typologies to derive theories to help them explain and understand the reasons behind the engagements in domestic violence among various people across the world. These factors range from social to genetic in nature and vary from one person to another. These factors range from psychological factors to the genetic characteristics of the offenders to social problems. The motives used in classification, however, differ greatly in each case. To this extent, therefore, a wide array of categories has been put forward to help group offenders into certain categories. In this paper, I will use different cases to illustrate these typologies based on the characteristic behaviours of the individuals involved in such affairs during and after the commission of the offences.The intimate terrorism is the type of domestic violence typology which involves the intimate partner terrorizing his or her mate by using violence as a means to get&nbsp.over him or her. This type of violence typology is mainly common in the case of heterogeneous relationships. Intimate terrorism is quite common in many parts of the world today as it includes, besides violence the use of other common mechanisms such as taking complete control over the other partner, usually the weak partner. The weaker partner is made submissive in this case rendering hi or her helpless before the other powerful partner. As Holtzworth-Munroe, (2005) notes the intimate terror partner acts with power and authority over the other weak partner, often not considering the feelings of the weaker partner as long as their demands are met to their full satisfaction.

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