Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy

Compose a 3500 words assignment on cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy. Needs to be plagiarism free! In rare occurrences, a new mutation of the NOTCH3 gene in persons with no history of the disorder may bring about the disease (Pescini et al., 2008). CADASIL is an autosomal dominant disorder implying that a single abnormal gene of NOTCH3 overrides the other uncorrupted part thereby developing the ailment (Joutel et al., 1996). This means that the child of an infected parent has a 50 percent chance of getting the disease. In rare cases, a new mutation in the gene may occur and lead to the disorder though both parents of a patient will be healthy. Persons that have defective genes are referred to as “mutation carriers.” Nearly all mutation carriers at some stage in their lives develop CADASIL symptoms (Pescini et al., 2008).In the early stages, most patients develop problems related to thinking and memory (Mourad et al., 2006. Liem et al., 2008). Initially, these are mild symptoms but at a later stage, this may worsen. Stroke is known to be the most common symptom of CADASIL where, it can be classified based on neurological signs like sensation loss, speech problems or difficulty in walking among other signs (Gouw et al., 2008). Stroke that results from CADASIL is seen to occur at the age of 30-50 years (Liem et al., 2008). However, putting into consideration all the other signs, there is a significant variation where a patient may be free from long time symptoms. Migraines and headaches are other symptoms of CADASIL and about a third of the CADASIL patients suffer from these symptoms. Often the headaches are predominant at a groupage of 20-30 years. In most cases, an ‘aura accompanies migraines in CADASIL patients and aura refers to neurological signs that take place before or during that moment when someone is experiencing a headache (Blitstein and Tung, 2007).The mood change is considered to be another symptom of CADASIL where a CADASIL patient suffers either from anxiety or depression.

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