Chemical Equations

Two aqueous solutions are combined in a beaker. One solution contains 300.0 grams of potassium phosphate and the other contains 300.0 grams of calcium nitrate. 1. (2 Points). Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction.2. (2 Points). What type of chemical reaction is involved? 3. (20 Points). What mass of each of the following substances is present when the reaction stops? (Show work).A. Potassium phosphateB. Calcium nitrateC. Calcium phosphateD. Potassium nitrate 4. (2 Points).Which reactant is limiting? (Use complete sentences)5. (3 Points). Which reactant is in excess, and by how much? (Use complete sentences)6. (3 Points). Which product precipitated and which product remained in solution? (Use complete sentences)7. (3 Points). Assume that 150.0 grams of your product were produced in the laboratory, calculate the percentage yield?8. (5 Points). Summarize in writing, using complete sentences, the chemical principles used to arrive at your conclusions.

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