Chinese Cinema

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Chinese Cinema. At the time of making this film, china was quickly urbanizing at that time, and peasants who were dirty and poor women symbolized the part of the country that were falling behind and were repressed. In ancient Chinese culture, women-led a tough life. They were humiliated and humbled before men. Women were not allowed to attain literacy and lived their lives in accordance with the principles of Confucian. Women lived an unbearable life, and while growing up they had to listen to the men, in their lives, and this included their fathers and all other male members of their families. The women and daughters were not given a name but instead were called according to numbers, for example, “daughter no 2”.Films made, during this era of women humiliation, used this culture in the theme of the film to show the wrongs and issues, in their culture that needed to be corrected. However, the situation has changed today. The aim of this paper is to analyze the portrayal of women in the early Chinese cinemas by using the facts and situations found and well depicted in the film street angles.“Street angles,” was a movie that was created with an agenda, since it was made to bring social criticism. The main characters, in the film, had problems that were caused mainly by financial difficulties, where money was required for happiness. The society, as depicted in the film, is shown to be unyielding and harsh to those people who do not have the necessary finance to survive in it (Vivante, 2005 p50).Xiao Yun is forced to become a prostitute in order to survive the two sisters were forced to depend on the cruel musician. The cruel reality in the financial need of the characters in the film has no respite. This is to signify the truth of the matter during that century. In China, there was no escape in real life from poverty. The film clearly shows the conditions of Shanghai, in the 1930s, and tries to make a strong appeal for change.However, the film like many other aspects of culture tries to present a greater message. This film advocates for a transition from a social change to more social society. The conclusion of the film, which is the tragic death of Xiao Yun while the family was not able to do anything to help her is seen as a clear indicator of significant social problems that were in China in that period. The audience fails to see the greater picture of the film’s message and concentrates on the tragedy of the characters individually (Shaughnessy, 2010 p16).

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