Chipotle Mexican Grill

The paper is written however there are sections as indicated below that need additional details added. Please add elaboration, graphs and illustrations where indicated. Include and add sub/subtitles for the sections indicated below and add additional research for the areas not already included in my paper. All graphs and illustrations must be cited in-text using APA format, including references at the end.   Supply and Demand Conditions:  Impact Insert the below subtitles for the “Determinants of Demand” and arrange them for better format/readability in the below order and elaborate in each section as needed: ·       Income ·       Price of related Goods ·       Tastes ·       Population and Demographics ·       Expected future prices   Supply and Demand Conditions:  Firm’s Actions Add Determinants of Supply and arrange for better format/readability with the below subtitles where appropriate and add research information if not provided for a specific section: ·       Input Costs ·       Technological Improvement ·       Prices of Substitutes ·       Number of firms in the market ·       Expected future prices   Price Elasticity of Demand: Consumer Responsiveness – please add the following elements: The Elasticity Determinants need more elaboration, application of more research with the below subtitles.  Arrange for better format/readability with the below subtitles where appropriate and add research information if not provided for a specific section: ·       Availability of Substitutes ·       Passage of Time –  THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT SECTION TO BE ADDED ·       Luxury or necessity ·       Definition of Market ·       Share of budget in consumer income   Price Elasticity of Demand: Pricing Decisions – please add the following elements: This section needs more elaboration – such as a firm’s management needs to understand the different types of price elasticity of demand, calculations, and the effects it will have on its total revenue. Need to cite the “Revenue Test” and reference it at the end. Additionally include information:  if a firm relationship is negative, it will be elastic, so it should be in the firms best interest to know its demand elasticity to keep watching its price strategy of its product based on the “revenue test.”    Cost of Production:  Profitability     ·       Add more tables and graphs for Chipotle Mexican Grill concerning profitability   Cost of Production:  Output Decision ·       More elaboration including illustrations to Chipotle Mexican Grill data about fixed and variable costs ·       Additionally, include how it would affect Chipotle’s output production levels/decisions would be a positive for the company   Overall Market:  Market Share ·       Add additional graphs and illustrations   Overall Market:  Barriers of Entry ·       Highlight and elaborate more by writing about the three important barriers of entry and adding as subtitles for each section below: o   Economics of scale o   Ownership of Key input o   Government-imposed barriers Overall Market:  Market Structure                                                       Need to be added:  If it is specialty Mexican Food then it is an Oligopoly. Need to enlarge the definition of the market to be Fast Food Restaurant, then it would be a monopolistic Competition.  Therefore, Chipotle Mexican Grill has both monopolistic and oligopolistic tendencies in its market structure. Add the four-firm concentration ratio and/or the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) to support the conclusion.  Recommendation:  Future Production Needs more elaboration concerning the recommendation for future production.   Recommendation:  Recommended Actions Needs more elaboration concerning the recommended actions   Recommendation: Sustain Its Success This section needs improvement as to describing & elaborating more on how the firm can sustain its success not only by evaluating the findings from demand trends that was analyzed earlier but also by the demand price elasticity that was discovered in an earlier element of the paper. For example, if a firm see a demand trends, then how it can capitalize on it to maintain or get a firm upward financial reward. Bottom line, the company must focus on consumer demands trends and price sensitivity. Also, regarding Elasticity, need to describe how Chipotle can sustain its success by evaluating the findings correctly from price elasticity. It is what Economists among us call it; (The Revenue Test).  If Chipotle decreases its prices (if it has elastic demand products), quantity demanded would increase, hence increasing its revenue. So, Chipotle needs to keep its prices competitive with affordability in mind for the market to sustaining its success”. Opposite is true, whereas if it would increase price, it would lose sales.

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