Classification Division Essay

Directions:  Select a problem you wish to explore and narrow it to a limited subject.  Devise a clear thesis about that problem. Your essay may be predominately factual, or it may aim to persuade your audience to do something.  Consider carefully who your intended audience is and why they may want or need the information you provide. There should be a clear purpose.  Reflect on the two essays you read this module: Ericson and Lutz had clear thesis statements and purposes. This essay must use classification and division.  Be sure to use clear definitions and concrete examples in each division, and, like the last paper, use at least two of the four kinds of examples we have been discussing (personal, hypothetical, typical or general). You should aim for 5 divisions (less than four will be marked incomplete) and think carefully about why you choose the ones do and why you have organized them as you have. Each division must support the essay’s thesis. To organize your essay, select a clear organization pattern:  common to uncommon, minor problem to major effects, chronological, and so forth.  Use headings. Like the last paper, you must incorporate two college-level secondary sources of information such as definitions from a peer reviewed source (not a general dictionary), statistics, surveys or expert opinion and accurately credit these sources in the body of your essay using MLA documentation. This is your second essay using MLA documentation.  You should be able to use MLA correctly (at least most of the time). Any essay with major deviations (or lack of MLA) will be marked incomplete and sent back to you for revision. Your essay must be approximately 3 pages long (not including works cited).  Keep in mind, if you have five or six divisions, it is likely that your paper may be longer. This is ok. Be sure to edit your paper carefully before turning it in.  Mechanical errors (spelling, grammar, formatting) count, so strive to avoid them.  TOPIC – COVID-19 HOW IT EFFECTS THE ECONOMY USE THIS IN ESSAY – Problem statement:  Covid-19 has had an effect on nearly everyone one is some way.  One of the most pressing ways is how it has affected our economy.  Due to Covid, workers have lost their jobs, production is down and companies are going out of business, and those who do have jobs have seen reduced hours.  The result is that people are spending less and this affects the economy as a whole. Divisions:  only select four *      Loss of jobs *      Reduced hours *      Reduced wages *      Companies going out of business *      People shopping less For your final paper you will build off the classification essay. Research proposals: Increase amt. unemployment Stay open Stimulus check Loan forgiveness Low interest loans What do you propose?  Do you adopt one of the current proposals?  A combination of proposals?  Or, something new?

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