Find one popular press source on your topic. Thistopic can be different from ILP 1 although you should be arrowing your research interest at this point. Your popular press source should make a distinct, discernable arguement for you to analyze. You will write a short paper describing your research process and analyzing your chosen source. Ypur paper will be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 700 words. This paper will be divided into three paragraphs, each of which has a specific requirement. Your paper will end with a Works Cited page inproper MLA format. Paragraph One – Begin by introducing your source, its author(s) and giving a briefdescription of your research process. Address how you found your source, including what search engines or databases you used and how this source compared to others that you considered. Finally, discuss how you know this source is not ‘fake news.’Paragraph Two – In this paragraph, first breifly address the exigence and kairos of your source. Then do a Toulmin analysis of your source. For each section of the analysis, paraphrase rather than quote your source. Refer to the Toulmin Model section of the Carolina Rhetoric for a refresher. Be sure to address:The main claim of the sourceThe data used to support that claimThe warrants involvedAny backing provided for the warrantsAny rebuttals addressedThe qualifiers to the argumentParagraph Three – In your concluding paragraph, you will evaluate your source. Address why you believe your sorce is credible, and what you did to verify this. Explain what biases are present (remember there is always some bias), and whether or not the author handled their bias ethically. Discuss the warrants – what values do they make use of? Who are the stakeholders in this topic, and what are the stakes? Finally include any other information you have learned about the rhetoricalsituation9s0 surrounding the topic. 

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