Community Engagement

The powerpoint is expected to include: you can make up your own story. the agency is legal hand neighbors in action  in crown height brooklyn Client Description: Briefly describe an individual or family you are working with  to work with as an student intern. Share the name (create a pseudonym to protect the privacy of the client; Demographic information  Problem Statement: Discuss the individual or family issue or need. say they are distressed about? Discuss how the individual or family describe its issue or need. What social work skills have you applied and demonstrated to best understand the issue or need?  What challenges have you encountered in working with the individual or family?   Client Support: Who are the social supports for the individual or family? (e.g. family members, friends, neighbors, etc.)? How do the primary people in the individual’s  or family’s  life view social work services? Are social workers viewed as helpful, neutral or harmful? Give examples.  Community Engagement: Describe any community or environmental factors that impact the individual or family. Is transportation, housing, work, COVID-19, global protest, or other community areas influencing the client issue or need? Be specific with examples.  Resources: What are the individual or family client’s internal resources and abilities?  Empowerment: Does the client have hope that things can be different? To what degree does the client expect that change can occur? With whom? Briefly discuss relevant information that impacts the client’s view. To what degree is the client actively participating in seeking help?  Reflection: How does the client view you as the Social Work student intern? Are you seen as someone who might be able to help? Does the client think that social work services can address the problem?   Planning: What is your plan for working with this client in the Spring? Conclusion: What new knowledge was learned by completing this assignent that can serve helpful in social work practice? Be specific

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