Compare Job Search Engines

Introduction: Start with an introduction that states which sites you chose to evaluate, which features you focuses on as the most helpful to your career goals, and finally, which site you chose as the best for your purposes and why.  2. Analysis: This is the body of your report. Dedicate one paragraph to each of the websites you evaluated. Remember that you need to write a thorough analysis of each site. You probably found good and bad points about each, even the one you think is best. You’ll want to describe what you found in this section. To organize this part of your report, use ascending order of importance. Start with the site you liked least (remember that it too could have some good points) and work your way up to the site you thought best.  3. Conclusion: Your conclusion should restate your thesis and offer your general opinion about the usefulness of these sites to your audience:  • Who would benefit from using a particular site? Is there a feature that’s particularly helpful, even if it’s not on your favorite site?  • After doing this evaluation yourself, what would you recommend to your readers? Website: Provide the complete URL and name of the site.  Search Strategy: In one sentence, explain why you chose your search engine. Then describe your search strategies, such as the key words used. Explain in one paragraph why you discarded three sites (include the URL for each site) and why you picked the one site on which you focus. Include personal commentary showing the thought process behind your search and decisions.  Sponsor and Purpose: In one complete paragraph, identify and evaluate the sponsor(s), author(s), and purpose of the site, including the domain name. Include your opinion of each, explaining in terms of the criteria given in the study materials.  Content and Page Layout/Features: In complete paragraphs, provide a specific analysis of the reliability, credibility, currency, and usability of the site according to the criteria discussed. Include personal commentary and specific examples with clear, appropriate reasons for your evaluation. Overall Evaluation: Write one complete paragraph summarizing how well the site meets your purpose, using clear reasoning. For your last sentence of that paragraph, write your overall appraisal of the site in terms of its purpose of providing employment assistance. Include your overall opinion of the site and the reason you feel that way. Be sure the specific information and your personal reasons are included in the previous sections.  Mechanics and Format: The writer correctly employs the standard conventions of written American English for sentences, paragraphs, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The required format and headings are applied. After preparing a rough draft of your work, read the assignment once again. Also review the grading criteria. Revise and edit your work carefully, correcting any errors you find. Make sure to spell-check and grammar-check your work, too. You must use the standard conventions of written American English.

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