Assume you have been dealing with one of the following issues: tension headaches, migraine headaches, low back pain, or stress. Write a paper in which you consider and discuss the following about biofeedback and hypnosis as treatment options: What would biofeedback treatment involve? What about hypnosis? Would hypnosis be used as a part of the biofeedback process? Would biofeedback be used as part of the hypnosis process? Are these treatments used separately? How could biofeedback or hypnosis help with your issue? Biofeedback and hypnosis can be either conscious or unconscious experiences. Would there be a different brain function involved or would it be the same in each instance? Where could you go to find a biofeedback clinician or a hypnotist? What type of clinician would do biofeedback in their practice? What type of clinician would do hypnosis in their practice? Would you personally be willing to consider hypnosis and/or biofeedback as a treatment option? Would your insurance cover it? What kind of information would you need before you made a decision to use one or both of these techniques? Your paper should be 750 to 1000 words (approximately 3 to 4 pages, excluding the cover page and references). Use double spacing and a 12 point font, and include at least two sources other than those in the reading assignments. All references should be included on a separate page and formatted using APA style. Reading Assignment ( a couple of these should be used should be used) Block, N. (1995). On a confusion about a function of consciousness. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 18(2), 227–287. Chalmers, D. J. (1995). Facing up to the problem of consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 2(3), 200–219. Heffner, C. L. (2001, April 1). Memory, intelligence, and states of mind. In Psychology: A graphic guide to your mind and behaviour (Chapter 6). AllPsych. University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. (2015). Sensing and perceiving. In Introduction to psychology (Chapter 4). University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. (2015). States of consciousness. In Introduction to psychology (Chapter 5). McGinn, C. (1989, July). Can we solve the mind–body problem? Mind, 98(391), 349–366. Spielman, R. M., Dumper, K., Jenkins, W., Lacombe, A., Lovett, M., & Perlmutter, M. (2014). Other states of consciousness. In Psychology. OER Commons. Brauer, A. (1999, February 1). Biofeedback and anxiety. Psychiatric Times, 16(2). Nordqvist, J. (2018, August 8). What is biofeedback therapy and who can benefit? Medical News Today. Yu, B., Funk, M., Hu, J., Wang, Q., & Feijs, L. (2018, September 7). Biofeedback for everyday stress management: A systematic review. Frontiers in ICT. Skills You Need. (2019). Self hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Halberstadt, A., & Geyer, M. (2012, May 15). Do psychedelics expand the mind by reducing brain activity? Scientific American. Stangor, C. (2012). Altering consciousness with psychoactive drugs. In Beginning psychology (section 5.2). Thompson, G. (2016, July 26). Drugs and altered states of consciousness. Sunshine Coast Health Centre.

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