Covolo Diving Gear,

. It requires students to demonstrate the ability to integrate the information and the skills accumulated in their course and study plan through rigorous applied approaches and techniques as well as written and oral communication. At the end of each the presentation, the student presented the case study will be expected to respond to questions from the class and from the instructor. Each student is expected to prepare a report documenting all lessons learned from presented case studies. The Presentation will be graded based on the following five items: ? Presentation skills: Out of 4 ? Clarity of slides: Out of 3 ? Content: Out of 6 ? Answering Questions: Out of 5 ? Citations and References: Out of 2 You can find below the case study number and the corresponding presenter. When you (It is individual work) prepare your report, you need to write lessons you learned from your case study as bullets, then choose any other 19 presented cases you attended. In the report, you need to mention the case study number only without the case study name or presenter, like: Case 11, Case 13.. etc. Submission will be made on blackboard (TURNITIN) as Microsoft Word document. Similarity check will be used. No more than 10% similarity is allowed My case would be case 10 (Covolo Diving Gear, Part 2) the front size should be same on all pages and background behind the writing should be white. Each slide should have clear and meanful bullet points which also will notes which i will depend on and read from it. It should look interesting. pages should not be congested and it should look neat and tidy. anything that has reference should have number at the end of the sentence which would referee the reference number at the reference page. References which should be use from only: Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning and Operation by S. Chopra and P. Meindl, Prentice Hall, 2016 (4th Edition){the would be the main reference and I would assume nearly all main points would be mentioned from over here} Designing and Managing the Supply Chain, by Simchi-Levi, David, Philip Kaminsky, and Edith Simchi-Levi. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2009. ISBN: 0072357568

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