Crime Continues to be a Masculine Pursuit

Need an research paper on crime continues to be a masculine pursuit.discuss. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism. 285). Despite reports that females are committing crimes at an increased rate, males continue to commit the vast majority of crimes (Anthony 2008, p. 94). The prevailing view is therefore that crime continues to be a masculine pursuit despite modest increased in female offending. The question then is, whether or not crime is and continues to be a masculine pursuit. Theories and assumptions that attempt to explain the disproportionate rate of male offending help to answer the question of whether or not crime continues to be a masculine pursuit. The prevailing view is that, if male offending can be attributed to masculine theories rather than traditional criminology theories, then we might be able to state that crime continues to be a masculine pursuit. Some explanations include the role of gender socialization, the perceptions of police, and the independence and opportunities that men are accorded (Browne 2011, p. 249). However, with the exception of gender socialization, the other explanations and theories are not gender specific. For instance, perceptions of police can be entirely related to education or exposure. Similarly, independence and opportunities are likewise linked to both men and women.

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