Criminal Investigative Report

Criminal Investigative Report. The work is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations, and a reference page. It appeared that the murder was taken place due to some monetary issues. The detailed investigation that supplemented by the required reports would be helpful to arrive at a conclusion as crime scene investigation is a tedious job with much documentation of the scene and collection of evidence (Layton, 2011). Indicators of a potential criminal act(s) On further investigation from the neighborhood, it was revealed that the man who was living lonely in a small apartment, developed a strained relationship with his business partners named Tom, Dick, and Alfred over money matters. On his refusal to pay off the money due to him, his business partners threatened him of dire consequences. James did not pay heed to their threatening calls and took a soft attitude towards payment of the money, which he borrowed from them in his personal capacity to meet some domestic urgency. It is not necessary that the murder was committed by the same business partners. It might be done by some hired killer on payment from business partners or it may be the attempts of dacoits or a dacoit to deprive James of his valuables. We have to look into it with different angles to sort out the motives of the crime and the criminals behind it. Potential evidence I have collected the material evidence from the crime scene, which could be helpful to trace out the criminals involved in the murder case under reference. The collected evidence is a) Corpse b) Mobile Phone c) Short gun. The body was sent for an autopsy to find out the causes of murder however, the shotgun was sent to the forensic department to find out the fingerprints on it that led to the criminal or the criminals who were involved in the referred ghastly murder. The mobile phone that has taken into custody in order to check out the history of incoming and outgoing calls of the murdered person as this sort of investigation aims at to book the real culprits by the law enforcers. The interesting thing is that the household items shown in the images where the murder took place were found in the same place and in the same direction as it was presumed to be.

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