Criminal Justice Agency

Assignment Content Read the scenario, Off the Rails: A Troubled Criminal Justice Agency.   Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper assessing the situation at the detention center. Include a discussion of the following questions:   1.      How does the lack of leadership from the chief executive affect an organization? Can other sources provide leadership? 2.      Who are constituents of the detention center? How are they affected by the situation? 3.      What is the result when supervisors focus on process instead of people? 4.      What trends found in Ch. 3 of Managing Police Organizations should the detention center embrace? How would you go about implementing them? 5.      What does the research on leadership described in Ch. 7 of Criminal Justice Organizations suggest needs to change at the detention center? What attributes of leaders is suggested?   Make each of the 5 assignment topics above a Level 1 Section Heading in your paper so your key points are easy to find. Remember to write a strong introduction paragraph and a strong conclusion paragraph, both being separate from discussion of the 5 topics above.   Review the INSTRUCTOR’s research requirements in Day 1 announcements. Your grade depends on compliance with the research standards. This paper and all papers require research in all topics each and every week, even if the paper is a case study, and must meet minimum Research Standards.   See attached APA Paper Template to see how to properly format a college paper per the APA standards, including intro, body, conclusion, and Reference page. APA_Paper_Template_300_499_v4.doc See attached APA Sample Paper to see how to correctly annotate Reference Page source citations and in-text source citations: APA 6thWritingStyleSamplePaperV8.pdf APA 6-7 Matrix-Comparison-3.5.pdf See attached Written Assignment grading rubric so you can see what rubric tool I use to grade written papers and what areas you are numerically scored on so that you can have confidence that you are covering all required writing requirements. CJA510 MASTER GRADEBOOK_2.xls   Format your paper according to APA guidelines.   Submit your assignment. Resources Center for Writing Excellence Reference and Citation Generator Grammar and Writing Guides

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