Cross-Cultural Communication

In the second phase of the writing process you have learned that sometimes you need to research your topic before you are ready to begin drafting your information.  For this assignment we are going to practice finding, summarizing, and accurately citing sources.  More information about citing sources using APA and the importance of this will be explored in Module 4. In this assignment, your primary focus will be on locating and summarizing credible health science focused information. To begin this assignment, first review the following Excelsior Library Tutorials: ·         Excelsior Library HSC310 Writing Enriched Research Guide (Links to an external site.) ·         APA Tip Sheets and the Excelsior OWL (Links to an external site.) In this assignment you will search the Excelsior Library for three (3) peer reviewed articles. Once you have located your three articles, you will summarize them, and provide the title and link to the article.  Your research topic will be related to a culturally diverse group and unique communication considerations or needs for this group.  For example, are there particular non-verbal communication norms involving posture or eye contact? Are there cultural definitions or norms around certain health, wellness, or illness conditions? Below is a list of diversity categories that you may consider for your research. Note that the categories are very broad. These categories simply give you a sense of the vast array of diverse groups. To simplify your search, you may want to select one of these cultural categories/topics, and then focus on a diverse group within this category. If you wish to focus on ethnicity/race, for example, you could pick one ethnicity or race (e.g., African Americans, Korean, Hispanic, etc.) to focus on.  If you wish to focus on age, you might narrow this category to children, young parents, or seniors.   ·         Age ·         Disability ·         Ethnicity/race ·         Gender/sexual preference ·         Geographic location ·         Immigrant populations ·         Language ·         Religion/faith ·         Socioeconomic status ·         Veteran/Military The instructions for the assignment are as follows: 1.    After reviewing the Excelsior Library Tutorials, begin your research by identifying three peer-reviewed articles about your chosen cultural diversity topic. All three articles need to be on the same topic. 2.    Structure your paper in the following way in one Word document: o    At the top of the first page place your full name and underneath your name state the topic and cultural group (if applicable) you selected. o    For each of the three articles, include the following information (in the order presented). §  Article title: include with the title a direct permalink to the article in the EC library. (This link will show you how to locate and create a permalink for your article: Creating Permalinks (Links to an external site.)) §  Summary: A comprehensive summary of the article using your own words using third person voice (avoid use of pronouns such as I, me, you). The summary should be approximately 2-3 paragraphs double spaced. 1.     o    Insert a page break after each article summary. This puts each article with its summary on its own page. o    Spell and grammar check your work.

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