Darwin’s Theory of evolution

1. Review the questions posed on the instructions for writing the final essay, and write a few sentences with comments about your thoughts and opinions about the topic. eg. is it a good one, or a  controversial one, respectfully, elaborate about your opinion with the subject of evolution, etc….2. Humans on earth today belong to one species, Homo sapiens, even though racial differences occur. Such phenotypic differences like skin color are most likely due to climate differences in the areas where each race arose. A review of the evidence for evolution leads to a consideration of Darwin’s proposed mechanism for the evolutionary process. Write a 1200 words essay explaining the evolutionary process according to Darwin’s Theory of evolution. Make use of the vocabulary and concepts learned during this course to explain the interaction between humans and their environments. Don’t forget to include an explanation for the population concerns such as; global diseases, population size, environ metal concerns and others. 

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