Dental Aspects of Oral Cancer

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic dental aspects of oral cancer. Dental Aspects of Oral Cancer According to Batsakis, Johnson and Shah, (2003), the cancers, which affect the dental structure of human beings mostly, manifest themselves through dislocations of teeth in the month. For example, an individual who had a perfect dental fixture displays a crooked dental arrangement after the cancer attack. Furthermore, dental cancer affects the root of the patient’s teeth causing pain. Consequently, dental cancer displays high chances of spreading because of the presence of suitable bacteria in the human mouth (Batsakis, Johnson, & Shah, 2003). According to Dofka (2003), the vulnerability of oral cancer is high for both male and feminine adults. However, this cancer affects more adult men than women. In particular, men who are over 50 years are more susceptible to oral cancer that affects their dental features. This is because of the reduction in an aged person’s metabolic activities. In addition, research indicates that the high dental cancer cases in men are based on hereditary reasons (Dofka, 2003). Causes of Dental Cancer Aspects that increase the vulnerability of this oral cancer include family history, smocking and unprotected exposure to the sun. Moreover, people who engage in excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol have higher chances of experiencing oral cancer. It is not only the smocking of tobacco that causes dental cancer but also chewing of certain nuts for example betel. Dangerous UV lights cause different cancers to an individual. However, the dangerous rays increase oral cancer because of the vulnerability of the human lips. In addition, the cancer infection of the lip quickly spreads to the teeth highlighting the dangers arising from the sun’s ray (Batsakis, Johnson, & Shah, 2003). Consequently, people increase their vulnerability when they have irritable dental fillings. Such fillings increase cancer growths because they are foreign materials. These strange components (gutta-percha) in the mouth in an individual’s oral structure could likely cause dental cancer. In addition, such fillings increase the negative impact of dental cancer since they make the patient experience extreme irritability. Consequently, the irritability also facilitates the spread of dental cancer in the patients who have root canals (DeLong & Burkhart 2008). Moreover, the dental method of teeth filling inhibits the provision of blood to the essential constituents of the teeth. The gutta-percha used in the root canal also displays resistance to existing anti-bacteria since they are composed of infectious metals. Evidently, the merge of the live teeth and the dead metals produces chemicals that reduce the reaction of anti-bacterial. Therefore, the operation not only prevents adequate supply of blood to the teeth but also prevent the effect of dental medication (Dofka, 2003). Apart from these negative impacts of root canals, they also discourage people from alternative dental processes, which could be safer. For example, people who have cavities do not wish to extract their teeth to prevent spread of the cavities. Instead, they choose to have the easy canals, which make them vulnerable to dental cancer (Batsakis, Johnson, & Shah, 2003). Other causes of oral cancer include an individual’s actions of frequently taking inappropriate medication.

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