Descriptive Profile of Milford Sound Fjord

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Descriptive Profile of Milford Sound Fjord. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The Milford Sound/Piopiotahi This paper is a descriptive essay on the Milford Sound fjord located in the South Island of New Zealand. The journey to this sound is a must as it is one of the most exotic places in the world. Nature’s beauty is emphasized through the amazing canyons, the lush greenery, the beautiful waterfalls and most of all the spectacular view. The Milford Sound is one fjord that guarantees to simply take ones breath away.Firstly, the cliffs of the sound are simply to die for. Being a true admirer of mountains, the cliffs and the mountains are the first thing I noticed. They stand tall on either sides of the narrow curving inlet and rise towards the sky protruding from the stretch of water. While some hills are coated a dark green hue with trees and appear all soft and bushy, others have streaks of lighter green canopy adorning them. Yet some others appear a bit grayish and rocky, whereas the peaks of the mountain are snow capped with bits of green impression on them like the ones done to blend two different colors in a painting. The white mist that seems to hang only on the mountain peaks are actually the vast spread clouds. There can also be seen clouds in the form of white fluffy puffballs that encircle the peaks giving the idea of a pointed birthday hat with a sphere on top.At some parts of the mountains the eye catches white moving streaks falling towards the ground, which are the temporary waterfalls created after the heavy rains. However, the Milford Sound proudly shows off its two cascading beauties, the Stirling Falls and the Lady Bowen Falls. The Bowen River trickles along the hill before it falls off the cliff and splashes into the inlet. The clear deep blue inlet is almost always dotted with ships that bring in tourists from all around the world. The blasts made by the whistles of the ship bounce of the cliffs and fade into the distance. Another sight to watch is when the powerful winds blow, the temporary waterfalls get pushed back vertically and they tend to move upwards, as the current of the water is changed by the wind. If one is lost in a hypnotic trance from the scenic beauty, they will be brought back to senses by the calls of dolphins, seals and also the penguins, just like I was. A rare creature present here is the Whio (blue duck), the males of which “whistle” and the females make “guttural rattle-like” calls (Milford Track 5).The climate at the sound is very pleasant as there is rainfall mostly and it proved to be much better than any man made equipment that adjusts room temperature. The sun, all ready to set, scattered scarlet all over the ranges just before it disappeared. The day was still warm and a sudden drizzle caught me by surprise, however, it felt really refreshing and cool. For me, the most inviting thing at the Milford Sound was the smell of the crisp air, the wet leaves and the musty and mildewed soil. The wind kept swirling and swishing past the sound, sending jitters to all that was present there, making everything seem all the more lively.There is one part that I can never forget. I remember it all as clear as a blue sky now, staring at my own face in this cup of coffee, halved off its warm bittersweet cocoa content. That is the image of the reflection of the cliffs, the mountains, the trees, the clouds and the sun gloriously painted on the undisturbed surface of the inlet. This is something that I will always cherish in my heart along with the warmth that the Piopiotahi brought to my soul. I would highly recommend a visit to this great fjord for all those who can afford a trip there.Works CitedNew Zealand Government. Department of Conservation Great Walks: Milford Track. Publishing Team, Department of Conservation, Wellington. November 2012. Web. 03 March 2013.

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