Discussion: Papillated Dry Lesion

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Discussion: Papillated Dry Lesion

Discussion: Papillated Dry Lesion


3. A patient presents at the clinic with large, raised, papillated, dry lesion on the plantar surface of the left foot.  He says he has been watching it grow for a while and it has been painful from time to time.  This growth is cause by

a. S. aureus                           b. P. acnes             c. Human papillomavirus                  d. all of these


4. A patient reports to the clinic complaining of patchy, red, raised edematous areas that itch.  The patient does not currently have any, but states it happens periodically, and they last for about a day before fading.  The clinician diagnoses the patient with urticaria.  Which of the following is responsible for these lesions?

a. Histamine release            b. Malassezia furfur yeast exposure                                c. Long exposure to sunlight              d.  Emotional stress


5.  A 19 year old woman is seen by a dermatologist for red crusty lesions on her neck wrists and the backs of her knees.  Other members of her family have a similar affliction.  Which of these is most likely the correct diagnosis?

a. impetigo            b. acne                   c. contact dermatitis                           d. eczema


6. A 35 year old man is treated by UV light for a chronic skin rash characterized by patches of thickened skin with silver scales on the knees and elbows.  Which condition is mostly his problem?

a. urticarial                            b. seborrheic keratosis                        c. psoriasis                             d. atopic dermatitis


7. Mrs. Collins was born with a rare condition called xeroderma pigmentosum.  Which of these activates should she avoid?

a. using a tanning bed                         b. swimming in an indoor pool          c. swimming in salt water                   d. playing basketball


8. Uncle Fred returns from the dermatologist with news that he has skin cancer but he can’t remember what type.  You examine the lesion to find it is a papule with an ulcer in the center.  What type of skin cancer does Uncle Fred heave?

a. melanoma                        b. basal cell carcinoma                       c. squamous cell carcinoma              d. nevus


9. During your shift at the rural health clinic a young boy is brought in by his mother.  The child has a red, scaly rash formed into rings in his hair.  What is the most probably diagnosis?

a. Tinea cruris                      b. Tinea pedis                       c. Tinea capitis                    d. Tinea barbae


10. Mr. Akers is a 68 year old male in good health.  He comes to the clinic complaining of severe pain, burning sensation, and numbness but itchy rash.  The rash is located at his waist and is in a belt-like shape on the right side.  The rash is beginning to scab.  Looking at his medical history you note that he had chicken pox as a child as well as measles, rubella and mumps.  What is the most probable diagnosis?

a. dermatitis                          b. shingles                              c. acne                   d. epidermal necrosysis



Chapter 21: Bones and Joints


1.  Concerned parents bring their infant to the clinic saying the child has been crying inconsolably for hours. Physical exam reveals the infant cries harder when palpating the clavicular region, and note the infant has blue tinged sclera. X-ray reveals a broken clavicle. The parents can offer no explanation. Which of the following is a likely diagnosis?


A. Marfan Syndrome                         B. Osteogenesis imperfecta               C. Child abuse      D. Achodroplasia


2.  A patient presents to the emergency department with complaint of sudden chest pain and shortness of breath. Physical exam reveals a tall, thin male with pectus excavatum (a sunken sternum). Which of the following is a likely diagnosis?


a. Spontaneous pneumothorax in a patient with Marfan syndrome

b. Spontaneous pneumothorax in a patient with achondroplasia

c. Spontaneous pneumothorax in a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta

d. Spontaneous pneumothorax in a patient with torticollis


3.  A 48-year-old male presents to the clinic with complaints of joint stiffness. X-rays reveals new bone formation with lipping. Which of the following is a likely diagnosis?


a. Osteomalacia                   b. Rheumatoid arthritis                      c. Degenerative arthritis                      d. Gout


4.  Baby Jonie is born with one foot turned equino, varus, metatarsus adductus and cavus deformity.  She has

a. dysplasia of the hip                        b. clubfoot                            c. torticollis                            d. achondroplasia


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