Drug Use in Sports

Investigation Into Drug Use in Sport and Muscle Recovery Strategies. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Some past empirical studies have demonstrated that continuous use of NSAIDs results in acute renal failures during sporting events or exercise. As per Macsearraigh et al (1979), seven out of nine runners who suffered from renal failure during a nine-year period when they were taking some guise of analgesic. As per Seedat et al (1990), during the Comrades Marathon in South Africa held in 1986, all four runners who suffered renal failures were found to take NSAIDs. As per Vitting et al (1986), a forty-one-year-old marathon runner suffered acute renal failure after engaging in a race due to the use of naproxen. (Farquhar & Kenney 1997). As per Paoloni et al, (2009), NSAIDs are most commonly employed in sports medicine. NSAIDs have well-known analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic and antipyretic impacts and its continuous usage may result in side effects like gastrointestinal, asthma exacerbation and renal side-impacts, cardiovascular and hypertension diseases. For the treatment of muscle injuries, the use of NSAIDs is always considered to be controversial (Paoloni et al 863).The most common side effects in using NSAIDs are nausea, gastrointestinal pain, and diarrhea, while continuous usage may result in perforation of intestine or stomach, gastro-intestinal pain and rarely results in bronchospasm, rashes, vertigo, dizziness and photo-sensitivity. The former England Soccer Captain Gary Linker, who suffered a chronic injury informed that he had been more worried about the prolonged usage of NSAIDs. The use of phenylbutazone or famously known as “bute”, for the treatment of sports-related injuries and for arthritis and this has been regarded as a mighty anti-inflammatory drug which has toxic side-effects and some of which had fatal results. The gravest side effect in taking Bute is the retention of fluid which may precipitate cardiac failure.

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