DSCRs – Developmental Self Care Requisites Assignment

DSCRs – Developmental Self Care Requisites Assignment

DSCRs – Developmental Self Care Requisites Assignment

Discuss three Developmental Self Care Requisites (DSCRs) within your own community(Lacey, Washington). Site an example of each in your community that demonstrates the community meets and does not meet each of these requisites. Why do these examples meet the DSCR or provide evidence that there is a developmental-care deficit?
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Please see response attached, which is also presented below. I hope this helps and take care.

Discuss three DSCRs within your own community (Lacey, Washington).
First, let’s discuss Orem’s model of nursing and the related self-care requisites according to Orem’s model, including three DSCRs.

The Orem model of nursing was developed between 1959 and 2001 by Dorothea Orem and is also known as the ‘Self Care’ Model of Nursing. It is particularly used in rehabilitation and primary care settings where the patient is encouraged to be as independent as possible. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orem_model_of_nursing

A. Central philosophy: The Orem model is based upon the philosophy that all “patients wish to care for themselves”.

B. Self care requisites

Self care requisites are groups of needs or requirements that Orem identified. They are classified in three categories:

·Universal self care requisites – those needs that all people have
·Activity and Rest
·Solitude and Social Interaction
·Hazard Prevention
·Promotion of Normality http://www.puc.cl/enfermeria/html/autocuidado/img/Jean_Moore.pdf.

· Developmental self care requisites (DSCRs)- those needs that relate to development of the individual
o Promoting development by others
o Promoting development of self
o Experiencing interferences with development http://www.puc.cl/enfermeria/html/autocuidado/img/Jean_Moore.pdf.

· Health deviation requisites – those needs that arise as a result of a patient’s condition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orem_model_of_nursing

o Obtaining medical assistance as necessary
o Dealing with the effects of illness
o Performing medically prescribed procedures
o Dealing with the negative effects of therapy
o Altering the self-concept
o Adjusting to living the effects of the disorder and its treatment http://www.puc.cl/enfermeria/html/autocuidado/img/Jean_Moore.pdf.

Site an example of each in your … DSCRs – Developmental Self Care Requisites Assignment


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