Essay On Japanase Chicano Culture

The nature of this body of work will attempt to clarify all pertaining issues of one particular sub-group. You may choose the sub-group that you are most interested in. Hence, the research paper will be developed in three parts.Part 1The Literature Review: you will need seven sources to begin writing your research paper. A literature review is simply data that is in current publication, which provides basic information on your selected subculture. Current definitions, ideologies, trends, organizations, oppositions, political considerations, misconceptions, historical development, biology, the law, religious considerations or opposition, sociological perspective, or maybe some of the clarifying issues needed in order to understand your subculture. Your articles should reflect all pertaining issues found within your selected population.Part 2Quantitative research: The root word in quantitative is the word ‘quan’ meaning numbers. Numbers are important because they show widely held beliefs. What is tricky about widely held beliefs is that people can simply change their perspectives. Although there are many instances where beliefs do not change over countless generations. It is good to have one’s hand on the pulse of a nation in order to understand what could jeopardize or harm a subculture. Is your subculture popular? Is your subculture misunderstood by the mainstream population? Is your subculture currently emerging?It is important to understand the thought process of people, and sampling a small portion of the population by using a survey tool can deliver substantial results on how people are thinking and possibly behaving towards your sub-group. Surveys can sample a small portion of the population, and if administered randomly will produce data for your research paper.Part 3Qualitative research: The root word in qualitative is ‘qual’ meaning quality or quality data. While quantitative data allows you to observe what an entire population is thinking, qualtitative research is a way of understanding the data lodged in the mind of one individual. An individual may hold countless information from either his or her work as a professional in the field of your subculture or an individual may be so immersed in your subculture that data may be priceless. Thus, qualitative research is when you, the student, the researcher, sits with an individual and asks open-ended questions. You may take notes or you may even record the interview if the person grants permission. In Florida, you need two parties to consent in order to tape an interview, while in other states one party consent is sufficient. Whom you chose to interview is up to you, but the data that you will be extrapolating will be a vital part of your research paper.Your research paper will be 7-10 pages long, in the MLA format, and of course, a Works Cited page is required.

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