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This is a paper analyzing an ethical dilemma/situation in a business and/or non-business organization.  Do not include the title page or the reference page in the word count (see below.)  Do not include the assignment instructions in the paper.  The instructor will deduct a full letter grade for papers below the minimum word count. Pick an ethical situation from published sources. The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Economist, Forbes or similar publications are great places to look for ethical situations.   Case analysis outline.  Analyze the case using section headings as follows.   Use these numbers and phrases to identify each section in your paper:   Summary of the Situation Key Players and Their Motivations Ethical Questions and Dilemmas Ethical Biases and Perceptions Recommendations Be sure to read through the entire set of instructions before you tackle this assignment. Use the Concordia MBA Style Guide for format, including citations and the reference list.   A minimum of eight references are required; at least two of these must be academic in nature (books, UT ethics videos, or journal articles.)   The UT ethics videos are what we used earlier in this course, with clickable links provided in this assignment (see below). The paper is to be a minimum of 1,000 words of content and a maximum of 1,200 words of content.  Do not include the instructions in the paper.  Instead, use the five headings as noted above. The instructor will deduct a full letter grade for papers below the minimum word count. This assignment is worth 10% of your course grade. Links for UT Ethics Videos: Intro to Behavioral Ethics Bounded Ethicality Ethical Fading Ethical Biases and Perceptions— included in section #4 of your paper— are relevant contributing factors helping you further explain the underlying motivations and dynamics behind the Ethical Questions and Dilemmas you noted in section #3 of your paper.      Ethical Biases and Perceptions include: Conformity- pressure to be part of the team/organization Self-Serving Bias- wanting to look good in relation to and in front of others Overconfidence Bias Incomplete information Inaccurate information processing Pleasing the boss/authority figures Ethical Fading Moral Disengagement Complacency- non-reflectiveness, lack of mindfulness, not thinking about and applying our moral compass. See the UT ethics videos on Behavioral Ethics, Bounded Ethicality, and Ethical Fading for more information on these Ethical Biases and Perceptions (links are provided above.)     A good starting point for your Recommendations regarding what could have and should have been done differently, to improve the situation, include the following: Humility Guarding against biases, ethical fading, moral disengagement, and contributing social and situational factors (being on the lookout for them) Mindfulness- Reflective use of our moral compass, including surrounding ourselves with mentors/advisors serving as sounding boards and external reminders to carefully weigh our actions and their consequences.

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