Ethics, Professionalism, and Contemporary Issues

Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Ethics, professionalism, and Contemporary Issues. This makes them easy targets for forced labor and prostitution. the main countries in which this vice of human trafficking is rampant include India, Mexico, El Salvador, and the Philippines. There are an estimated ten thousand forced laborers in the U.S. prostitution, poverty. globalization and government corruption are some of the major factors that contribute to the high numbers of human trafficking. Several laws have been passed to try and curb human trafficking and under the U.S code, human trafficking is termed as a federal crime. Technology, which generally covers. mobile devices, internet, and social media has been instrumental in human trafficking, it has played both a negative and a positive role. The beauty of technology is that it provides better visibility and can help in tracing people who are involved in human trafficking (Hart 5). Technology has contributed to human trafficking by making it easier for criminals to advertise and sell their victims. When one searches on the internet, it is very easy to find underage victims who are exploited for sex under online classifieds. In pornography websites, one will find a section for teen prostitutes. it is then made easier for both parties, the one advertising and the one looking for services to communicate using mobile phones. Social networking sites are also another avenue for advertising for victims of human trafficking because it is very easy to reach a large number of people. Technology has also made it easy to search for and purchase victims. Using the internet to find and locate people has never been easier (Davidson and Gottschalk 98). Once the contacts needed have been found, they then proceed to use the other types of technology such as instant messaging, emails, and so forth to reach the people concerned. On the other hand, technology has made it simple to track the criminals involved in human trafficking, as it is possible to trace the individuals concerned by following the activities they have been doing online. Moreover, tracing their phone calls, messages and emails, and past data on the activities they had been involved with can also be traced using technology (Dunn 14). A new online role-playing game has been created that allows the players to upload real pictures of them and also hold dialogue. The game has become very popular among online players, but this has also brought new challenges with it, as the game can be used to promote human trafficking. This is because it is easy to identify a person through the picture they have put and request for a personal meeting with another player through dialogue. As the designer of the game, there are moral obligations that one has to uphold, but that does not mean that they do not come at a price. The designer has to make a choice that he or she understands can lead to the collapse of his online game while combating the challenge of human trafficking possibility or choose to ignore the problem at hand. One would argue that the game by itself does not influence the decisions one makes it only promotes their thoughts and behavioral patterns, and therefore, the designer should not respond to the concerns that come up.

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