Executing Strategies in a Global Environment

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic executing strategies in a global environment: examining the case of federal express. The term globalization is often used to describe growth that happens in trade and other forms of business investments, which are often accompanied by an increase in international transactions. Globalization features prominently in aspects of economic integration, which has become common across the world.When it comes to business activities, globalization is often characterized by various strategies and approaches that aim at positioning businesses to reap from the perceived opportunities across the world. For instance, creating effective and efficient supply chains, increasing marketing and product promotion strategies like the use of the internet among others. When the business begins reaching markets beyond its borders, it has to ensure that it adopts strategies that can help it to enter these markets and consolidate its presence (Ghiani, Manni & Quaranta, 2010). For this reason, these businesses have to ensure that their businesses approach to appeal to the new business environment, enabling them to create and expand their market share. This paper examines the concept of globalization, focusing on how this development influenced the creation and execution of business strategies at Federal Express, an American multinational company that deals in courier delivery activities across the world.FedEx was founded by Fred Smith in 1971 and incorporated in 1973 (Birla 2005). Initially, the company was headquartered at the national airport in Little Rock but later moved to Memphis international airport where it has its current headquarters (Birla 2005). The company has a long history, which details its path of growth and development.FedEx officially began its operations is 1973, having Dassault Falcon 20s that connected about twenty-five cities in the US. During this time, the company offered a variety of services that related to document handling and delivery including envelope and parcel delivery and Courier Park services among others (Trefis 4). Having a good market acceptance, the company to market itself extensively, being the only company that could effectively manage 550-per-hour delivery trucks (Birla 2005). With this kind of growth, it was upon the company to ensure that it created successful strategies that would enable it to exploit the unexploited courier industry at that time.

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