Existentialism Term Paper

The topics for this term paper are as the following (You are to pick only one). (1) What does it mean to live life “authentically”? (2) What is the status of existentialism amid a postmodern world and how has the “entertainment industry” contributed to this? (3) Develop a thesis that critiques the COVID pandemic. (4) Develop a thesis that engages with the Black Lives Matter movement. (5) Develop a thesis that tackles the usefulness of existential philosophy relative to Queer theory and LGBTQ+ social issues. There is a general rubric posted to Blackboard that will be used to evaluate this essay. You are strongly encouraged to consult it repeatedly in order to ensure your paper is prepared in accordance with the utmost specifications. You must use primary material (from this course) from at least 5 of the following 9 figures: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky, Zapffe, Sartre, Marcel, May, Baudrillard, Wallace. Although you are not required to conduct any necessary research outside of the material presented to you in this course it is a good idea to perhaps read up on the subject matter you choose to write on. (Be sure to reference all sources used.) When referencing sources used in-class, document the source to the fullest extent given the information you have – and include the detail that it’s used in this course.) Otherwise, all referencing must be conducted using MLA or APA style. The paper should not be any shorter in length than 4 pages and should not be greater in length than 5 pages. (This does not include Cover Pages, References, or any other paratextual elements.) Double-spaced, Times New Romans, size 12 font, standard 1” margins.

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