Expirience During this Covid-19 Outbreak

Topic: Write about your experience during this COVID-19 outbreak. (At least 250 words).   Use as many of the modals we have studied as possible.    Underline the modals that you use. You should talk about the present, future, and past using modals.   See my example here:   modals covid example.docx other link to modals covid example (Submit as a Microsoft Word document, double-spaced. Underline your modals.)   This will count as a “Quiz” grade. I will be grading you on How clearly do you explain your thoughts and situation in proper English, with interesting details? How well do you use the modals below (at least 5 present/future modals and at least 5 past modals)?   Present/Future Modals (use at least 5 different forms from this group) can / can’t /                                                     could / couldn’t should / shouldn’t /                                         supposed to / not supposed to must / must not /                                            is/am/are (not) able to have to / don’t have to /                                  had better may (not) / might (not) / would rather   Part II. Past Modals (use at least 5 different forms from this group) should have + past participle   /     shouldn’t have + pp                                                                   had to + base verb   /   didn’t have to + base verb                                                               could have + past participle   /   couldn’t have + past participle                                          could + base verb   /   couldn’t + base verb might have + PP /   might not have + pp                                                                  may have + pp   /   may not have + pp must have + pp     /   must not have + pp was supposed to + base verb   /     wasn’t supposed to + base verb was/were able to + base verb

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