Face-to-Face Interviews

In 300-400 words, address the following:a. Imagine you were conducting face-to-face interviews at a local women’s prison. You were interested in understanding how women prisoner’s adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) impacted their trajectory of landing in prison.b. What makes this topic suitable for face-to-face interviews? What are some advantages to conducting interviews over administering surveys in the context of women prisoners?c. What are some disadvantages to conducting interviews, in general?d. Then, create an interview guide, which is a “list of topics or questions that the interviewer hopes to cover during the course of an interview” (p. 110). What topics and questions are you going to ask? (Give a few examples of each.) Are these questions yes/no questions? Or leading the respondent toward the answer you’re looking for? If so, re-word them so that they are open-ended questions.e. Would you rather take an outline? Why or why not? If you took an outline, what are the disadvantages to this?f. Take one of the questions you came up with and turn it into a closed-ended question that you could use in a quantitative interview

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