Family Market in the Hospitality and Tourism Context

Prepare and submit a term paper on Family Market in Hospitality and Tourism Context. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Understanding the milestones and skills of each and every stage in a family’s development allows a person to effectively move from a lower stage of development to the next vital stage (Blood and Donald 14). If a person does not understand the skills, then they might still move on to the following phase of the series, but they will more likely have trouble with relationships, as well as future transitions. Household (family) life cycle theory argues that successful transitioning might also aid in preventing emotional or stress-related disorders, as well as chronic illnesses. Needless to argue, the functioning and structure, along with the life cycle of many households, differ extensively from that of the nuclear household (Blood and Donald 14). Examples comprise of extended families, as well as the numerous types of single-parent families like the ones managed by an unmarried father or mother, widowed or divorced parents, and adoptive parents. This section will, however, focus on normal families (nuclear) to come up with the conclusions in the stages of a family’s life cycle.The intellectual and emotional stages, which people go through from their childhood to their retirement days as a member of a family, are referred to as the family life cycle. In each and every phase, people face challenges in their family life, which causes them to gain or build fresh skills. Building these skills assists the person in working through the transformations, which nearly every household goes through (Sheth 56). Not everybody goes through these phases well. Circumstances such as financial problems, severe illness, or the passing away of a family member, can have profound consequences on how well people pass through the phases. Luckily, if a person misses these skills in any of the stages, then they can still learn them in future stages. There are normally five stages in a family’s life cycle, but other researchers include a sixth stage according to the observations of a family’s development.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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