Fast Food in Public Schools

Your essay must include at least six authoritative sources, in order to support your assertions and to validate your point of view. (The sources must be from books; newspaper, journal, or magazine articles; documentaries; interviews; or respected, credible websites. Wikipedia does NOT count as a source.) You will use MLA format (in-text parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page) when giving credit to your sources. An argument essay is based on sound logic. You will analyze a topic and present a reasonable, logical, and verifiable argument about that topic. An argument makes a case for or against some aspect of a subject and then clearly demonstrates the reasons why. Structure: 1) Include a one-paragraph introduction with a hook (to catch your reader’s interest), support sentences to give an overview of the topic, and an underlined thesis sentence that states your viewpoint/assertion on the topic. 2) Include several body paragraphs that incorporate your authoritative sources and analysis of those sources. (You will show the connection between your sources’ assertions and your own assertions, strengthening your beliefs. Your analysis of a quote should be twice as long as the quote itself.) The body of your essay is where you will show why and how your thesis is valid and that your point of view is logical and appropriate. Your body paragraphs should also include the following: a) At least one paragraph that addresses the counterargument. This is the section where you will acknowledge the opposing viewpoint. You will refute the opposing viewpoint by addressing the faulty reasoning and flawed logic of your opponent. On the other hand, you might concede that your opponent’s argument does have a certain amount of merit. After you address the counterargument, you should be sure to re-state the strength and significance of your own argument. b) At least one paragraph that presents your call to action, which provides a solution to this controversial issue. You must urge readers to take specific action regarding the chosen issue. (For example, you might assert that fast food should only be sold once a week in school cafeterias.) Your call to action needs to be logical and possible, and you’ll also need to give your readers a sufficient reason to take this particular action. 3) Include a one-paragraph conclusion that begins with a re-statement of your thesis. (You do not need to repeat your thesis word-for-word. Instead, you should paraphrase your thesis in such a way that it incorporates some of the supporting ideas that you’ve presented in your body paragraphs.) Your conclusion will then move into an overview of the main points that you’ve presented thus far in your essay. (Your conclusion should NOT include any new information that you have not already presented in your body paragraphs.) Your conclusion will end by giving your dominant impression of your issue and leaving a lasting impression in your reader’s mind. 4) You must also include a Works Cited page that identifies and gives credit to your sources. You must use a separate sheet of paper for your Works Cited page.

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