Father-Son Relationship in Night by Elie Wiesel

Write a 2750 word paper answering; The story is of courage, love, disillusionment, and finally acceptance of a fate that took many people to their death.Elie Wiesel is now the founder of a humanitarian foundation that is geared towards fighting against injustice. He is married and he is one of three survivors from his family who came out of the Holocaust alive. his two older sisters also survived (The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity). This is not a tale that is embellished in anyway. It is one that takes the reader into the depths of their own souls and makes them ask the question, “Why?” “Why was this an important thing to happen in our history to affect so many different people?” The answer to that question will never be known and this is perhaps the reason why so much is being written about it–people are attempting to understand.In the beginning of the book, Elie says that his father is more concerned about work than he is about his family. He never really knows his family and he misses out on many special events. He spent time reading the Talmud and making sure that Elie had his studies in it but when Elie wanted to go further into the Cabbala his father cautioned him about it saying that he would not be ready for this study until he was 30 because he needed to study what was within his understanding first (Wiesel 14). This sets the stage that the father is the important aspect like in any Jewish family and he is to be relied upon to take care of the family. Before the Hungarians came, Elie pleads with his father to sell his business and move out of the area to escape the impending situation. His father will not leave saying he is “too old” to continue on and make a new life (Wiesel 18). It would seem that Elie wanted his father to pay more attention to the family, but he was not able to do so at this time. His father was taking care of the family by being involved in the community and by working hard.

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